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The Web Design Trends for 2015 WordPress Websites

The Web Design Trends for 2015 WordPress Websites

As we are moving into the last quarter of 2014, it’s time to look forward into the expected web design trends for 2015. Although it is difficult to throw light on the specifications of the upcoming trends, we can discuss about several trends that have gained momentum in the present year.

Along with it, there can be some innovations that may blend into the trend to enhance the web design effectiveness in the upcoming year. If you are not familiar with any of the existing trends that might emerge into an efficient trend, it’s high time to get aware of the web design trends and start getting familiar with them.

In this article, we have talked about various trends that may blast at its full speed in 2015.

Responsive Layout

Responsive LayoutWith the increasing advancements in the field of technology, responsive design has entered into the list of necessities for every website. Thousands of websites are already using a theme with responsive design while millions of website owners are looking forward to implementing one on their site. Meanwhile, no one has come up saying “let’s get rid of responsive design.” Therefore, this kind of layout has already got into the trend and is likely to become a new norm.

As a matter of fact, more than 65% people residing in developed countries own a smartphone while 42% own a tablet. If your website still doesn’t have the capability to perform well on different screen sizes, it’s struck in the year of 2014. Hence, instead of asking the visitors to pinch-zoom your website to read its content, it’s time to provide them with a responsive website that adjusts automatically.

Beautiful Background Images & Videos

Background images and videos can continue to be a trend as we step into the next year. Large and beautiful background images accompanied by prominent content have received huge appreciation in the present year. The presence of ghost buttons can add to the beauty of the background and increase the efficiency of websites. Some big names existing on the internet world has already adopted it while the rest are planning to get adapted to it in upcoming here.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost ButtonsSimplicity has become the new trend of the modern era. People like a flat, simple design rather than a dynamic, complex design. With such preference of the audience, introduction of ghost buttons has enhanced the idea of simplicity in web design trends. Ghost buttons are call-to-action buttons that don’t sit on top of a background in small, colored boxes.

Instead, these buttons are transparent and blend well with the template of a website. These buttons don’t demand attention from the audience, but stand out quietly to grab the interest. You must not forget to look out for this trend in 2015.

Flat Design

Flat design has already achieved a lot of attention and momentum in the last and present year. It is expected to stay in power while we move towards 2015. However, the advancement can be added to the flat design to make it a material design.

It has been predicted that a material design can basically be a flat design with animations, layers and delicate gradients. With many companies accepting the flat design, we can expect that the remainder companies may adopt it in the upcoming year.

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive StorytellingWith the enhancement in uniqueness and innovation, your visitors expect you to narrate stories with and without words. This means that your website should be effective enough in presenting the theme and subject through the design.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to create a fairytale in every page. Instead, you should choose to present a message through the simplicity and creativity. Therefore, interactive storytelling is the art of showing the values and concepts in action on your website. It involves the theme, background, design and font of your website.

This has been adopted by a few companies in the present year while many companies are looking forward to adopting it in the remainder of 2014 and beyond.

Personal UX

The technique of displaying more relevant content to visitors who are coming into your website for the second time or more has been a remarkable idea. Some big names in the industry such as YouTube and Netflix have started this trend by using cookies to display relevant content.

You can also use this idea to track and present better content to repeat visitors. The audiences surely like to see this as an effective trend in the upcoming year.

Card Design

Although card design is not new, it has proved to be a remarkable tool for designers. Especially rendering support to responsive websites, the card design is an efficient technique to arrange or rearrange columns properly, without disorganizing things in the layout.

This type of design is not only fresh and simple but also be capable of providing versatility to designers working on responsive websites. Therefore, it is exactly one of those trends that the web needs.


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