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VPS VS Dedicated server - Which is Your Choice?

VPS VS Dedicated server – Which is Your Choice?

VPS hosting and dedicated server are two typical web hosting types chosen by large companies and complex websites. People are confused to make a choice as they always worry about the VPS hosting limitations but concern about the dedicated server cost. In order to have an exact understanding about them, we compare VPS VS Dedicated Server comprehensively, in terms of the cost, resources, scalability, flexibility & customizability, and ease of management.

VPS VS Dedicated Server – Overall

vps vs dedicated serverVPS, short for virtual private server, is a hosting type that users share the same physical server while each one has independent resources and system. It functions like a dedicated server, but the price is much low than the latter. As well, the performance mainly depends on the entire workload of all instances because there are several users on the same machine. Read about the Top 5 Advantages of VPS Hosting for detailed imformation.

Dedicated server, as the name suggests, is an independent physical server. It gives users the entire resources so that they don’t need to share anything with others. On the other hand, you have to pay for the whole server, which prices for hundreds to thousands of dollars, much expensive than shared hosting and VPS.

Both VPS hosting and dedicated server enables users to access to the server, but they still have essential differences as the following.

Features VPS Hosting Dedicated Server
Cost rating 4 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Resources rating 3 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Scalability rating 4 of 5 rating 2 of 5
Control rating 4 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Ease of Management rating 4 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Performance rating 4 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Recommendation Best VPS Hosting Best Dedicated Server

In the below, we analyze two hosting type in detail. After reading about the full content, you can clearly learn about two hosting types and easily make a choice that which one is suitable for your websites.

The Cost

VPS allows multiple users on the same server. So all users share the cost of the entire server and each one only affords a small part. In general, VPS hosting is priced from tens of dollars, which mainly targets for professional blogs and small to medium sized business websites. Particularly, the BlueHost VPS hosting is low to $14.99/mo.

For dedicated server, one user owns all resources so that he /she has to pay for the entire server. Typically, a dedicated server is charged for tens to hundreds of dollars. For customers who need the dedicated resources but cannot afford the expensive price, they prefer to the cheap dedicated hosting in the below, which come with low rate, as well as abundant resources.

Ease of Management

VPS hosting is divided into Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS, based on whether the web host takes responsible for the server. Usually, you don’t need to install operating system and maintain server performance for managed VPS, but you should be responsible for everything on unmanaged VPS. On the other hand, with a dedicated server, you need to manage everything by yourself.

However, no matter you choose VPS hosting or dedicated server, it’s necessary to have technical skill to install and configure software, such as MySQL, PHP, Apache, install Firewall, backup websites and database, and so on.

Resources & Scalability

Users share the CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth with others on the VPS server. However, you have dedicated access to the RAM and storage that have been allocated to you by the web host. Meanwhile, you have excellent scalability as you are available to upgrade the resources or even buy the entire server.

On Dedicated server, you have full access to all server resources, such as disk space, RAM, CPU, and more. On the other hand, that also means you cannot get more resources on the server unless you purchase more servers.

VPS vs dedicated server resources

Control & Customization

With VPS hosting, you have full control to handle your guaranteed resources, customize operating system and applications as you like. However, you cannot access to other resources or take use of too much CPU.

Dedicated server gives users complete control over the whole server, including the physical elements, resources and software. You can install your preferred OS, control panel, plugins, themes, and anything else. Without a doubt, you can fully customize the server as you expect.


Performance is the top concern of consumers when choosing VPS or dedicated server. Actually, their performances are both determined by the infrastructure, data center, network, server quality, and so on. The only significant difference between VPS VS dedicated server is that VPS performance can be infected by the neighbors. For example, if a user takes use of too much CPU, it may slow down the server speed and affect your site.


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