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VPS.NET Review - Is VPS.NET The Best VPS Hosting Provider?

VPS.NET Review – Is VPS.NET The Best VPS Hosting Provider?

This VPS.NET review mainly introduces the industry reputation, price, features, performance and technical support of VPS.NET. All the content is based on objective information published on VPS.NET official website, real customer feedbacks and our self-experience. You can learn about that though it is a leading cloud services provider, but for VPS hosting service, it doesn’t perform as well as BlueHost – which is a reputable web hosting provider.

Overall Reputation

Established in 2009 and as a part of the UK2Group, VPS.NET is an experienced cloud web hosting provider in the field. So far, it has been a famous cloud service provider and provided leading cloud VPS hosting for over 10,000 clients worldwide. Before introducing the details, we have an overall rating about its overall reputation, price, features, speed, uptime and technical support. See the specific ratings as the below table.

The above chart shows VPS.NET is outstanding on the performance but weak on price and technical support. By contrast, BlueHost provides the best VPS hosting service with affordable price and rich features. You can see the below feature comparison table to learn about why BlueHost is better than VPS.NET.

Features VPS.NET Plan 1 VPS.NET Plan 2 BlueHost Standard BlueHost Enhanced
Dedicated Memory 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Burstable Memory 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Monthly Transfer 3 TB 6 TB 1 TB 2 TB
Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 60 GB
Domains/Websites Allowed Unknown Unknown UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Dedicated IPs 0 0 1 2
cPanel $10/mo $10/mo FREE FREE
Setup Fee $49/mo $49/mo FREE FREE
Advertising Credits No No $150 $150
Money Back 30 days 30 days Anytime Anytime
Regular Price $20/mo $40/mo $29.99/mo $49.99/mo
Sales Price now $20/mo $40/mo $14.99/mo $29.99/mo
How to Claim N/A N/A Link Activation Link Activation

You can read about BlueHost VPS review or visit http://www.bluehost.com, or learn about the detailed information of VPS.NET VPS hosting on price & features, performance and technical support. After that, you can understand VPS.NET comprehensively and make a decision whether to go with it.

Price & Features

VPS.NET provides semi-managed VPS hosting services based on both Linux and Windows platforms. The feature and price of VPS.NET VPS hosting is determined by how many nodes you choose. Compared to the competitions, VPS.NET is more expensive than others.

By default, every single node prices at $20/mo and includes 2.4 GHz dedicated CPU, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space, and 3 TB network transfer. Customers are available to choose at least 1 node and at most 10 nodes. Though they can determine to choose how many nodes, but unavailable to configure the CPU, RAM, disk space and transfer respectively. Besides, VPS.NET does support cPanel by default, but charges for $10/mo if you really want to use it.

VPS.NET VPS hosting

You should also note that VPS.NET only accepts Visa and PayPal payments, but does not supports MasterCard, America Express and Discover credit card and other payments. As for the 30 days money back guarantee, it doesn’t cover add-on license fees such as cPanel, Windows, Backup Software and the like, or domain registration.


VPS.NET delivers the fast speed and the best performance for its customers. And it is one of the few companies which can guarantee 100% uptime.

VPS.NET has 20 data centers worldwide so that customers can strategically place their websites in the cloud best fitting visitors. All data centers undergo a series of security, performance and procedural test, and feature with tier 3 classification, redundant power sources, multiple networks, VESDA smoke detection system, 24×7 security and digital video surveillance. Bedsides, all of the Cloud Storage Units are powered by 48 drives in RAID10 and then replicated real time via Multipath I/O to provide customers a total of 96 drives of full redundancy. As VPS.NET customers, they could always enjoy the fast access to their web servers.

Ease of Use

Frankly speaking, VPS.NET VPS hosting is not very easy to use. It only provides semi-managed VPS service which means you have to configure your server by yourselves. Besides, with no cPanel included by default, you have to handle your server with complex commands. Besides, if you are unable to manage VPS hosting server, you can purchase VPS.NET proactive managed support for $69/mo, which can help you manage the following situations.

  • Setup of new cloud server.
  • Monthly security overhaul of cloud server.
  • Domain migration to VPS.NET.
  • 24×7 live chat support.
  • Proactive monitoring of your cloud server.
  • Setup/Migration of up to 20 hosted domains for non cPanel to cPanel migrations.
  • ISPconfig, cPanel or Plesk setup.

Technical Support

VPS.NET provides professional and experienced support to help customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, you need to notice that its support only available for customers with Linux distributions (CentOS, Ubuntu & Debian) and any server with cPanel installed.


After the in-depth review about VPS.NET, we are clear that VPS.NET provides superb VPS hosting solutions. However, it is unreasonably expensive, even 33% more expensive than BlueHost.

BlueHost is one of the best VPS hosting providers founded in 1996. It provides 4 optimized VPS hosting plans as Standard, Enhanced, Premium, Ultimate, starting from $14.99/mo to $59.99/mo for customers clicking through the promotional link. BlueHost VPS hosting comes with 99.5% customer satisfation rate as you can read the review chart as the following.


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