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Video SEO Tips: Boost Your Search Rankings with YouTube

Video SEO Tips: Boost Your Search Rankings with YouTube

video seo tipsVideos bring a lot of SEO advantages for boosting website search rankings and SEO. In the following, we introduce some useful SEO tips for helps webmasters increase website search result rankings and drive visits.

While many websites are still focusing on SEO efforts on websites, more and more businesses start to boost search rankings with videos. According to the statistics, there are 65% of businesses make decisions after watching vendor videos online and more than 70% adults access videos for information and funny.

In addition, research has also proven that videos engage and retain visitors that the average visitors to sites with videos spend two more minutes than on sites with text-only content. Learn about the great tips to help you plan online video strategy and implementation for boosting your search rankings and SEO. Note that we mainly focus on YouTube videos in the content.

Focus on Quality

focus on qualityVideo quality is the most important thing for driving visits and increasing search result rankings. Before recording a specific video, you need to choose a topic which is preferred by viewers and high relevant with your website focus. After all, search results are sorted by relevance by default.

In addition, you should keep the video with high quality and good sound effect. Don’t make the voice sounds like you just wake up with a hangover and don’t record video with a mobile. By contrast, we suggest you utilize a camera to record a high definition video and explain with powerful sound.

Based on the search algorithm, more content can lead to more viewers and higher rankings. You can keep the video with rich and meaningful content. As well, it’s better keep it longer than 2 minutes.

Host Videos on Third-party Video Sharing Websites

We have introduced the reasons why should not host videos on your own websites already. By contrast, we suggest hosting videos on third party video sharing websites like YouTube. It offers an easy to use and free space to host videos and is also the largest video sharing website with more than 1 billing unique users every month.

As well, you can easily share a YouTube video to friend circles of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, which can build a large user base and get a lot of comments, likes and shares. With a lot of views engaged, it means your videos is high quality, which can appeal more people to see it.

Optimize for Video SEO

YouTube video SEOAfter you have uploaded video to YouTube, you are required to enter a title, description and tags, which are essential for video SEO. As search engines like Google reads words to recognize what content is about a video, using the exact search keywords to describe your content can help get your video with high ranking in SERPs.

  1. Title: As for the video title, you can put keywords at first, and then next to the brand and other content. But keep in mind that you should make sure the title is compelling to viewers.
  2. Tag: It’s also necessary to include keyword within tags and keep it to 10-15 phrases.
  3. Description: It is shown in the search results and essential to drive searchers to click your video. Remember to give a URL to back to your website, and use a lot of supporting words that give context to your video, and words like “jog””supports” may help Google realize what the video is exactly about.
  4. Transcription: You can create a script for the speech in video and add it in the description of the video. Google indexes it as well. If you don’t have the resources to create a video transcription, you can take advantages of YouTube Captions.

Embed YouTube Videos on Your Website

If you want to include the video on your website, you can embed the YouTube video with ease. As well, you’d better create a rich-media content page to support the embedded video. With diverse text and images supple the video embedded, the page gives readers a friendly user experience as well as give Google a lot of context which tells what about the video content and helps improve the SERP rank.

When embedding the video, we suggest you select “Use old embed code”. The old embed code gives you an <object>-based embed code which is crawled naturally by search engines spiders. On the contrary, the new embed code puts the video into an IFrame and cause it uncrawable.

Use old embed code

Create Video Sitemap

Just like a text-based page, you should also create and submit a Sitemap for a video-based page. Only in this way, it helps search engines easier to look for your videos and return SERP results, which bring searchers to watch the video on your website instead of YouTube. As well, it improves the CTR by listing the additional video thumbnail on the search results.

In addition, you can use Schema.org markup, which offers extra information to search spiders, and it has been called “the recommended method to describe videos on the Internet” by Google. We suggest you to optimize your video through this way.


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