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The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers & Bloggers

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers & Bloggers

We have listed out the most useful WordPress plugins for writers and blogs to extend the website functionality with ease. All plugins are easy to use, without coding skill required, helpful to write quality content, improve page ranking, drive traffic, and manage website account.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular choice of writers and bloggers. One of the most important reasons is that WordPress comes with numerous plugins to customize the website and extend functionality. There are so many plugins available on the WordPress.org community and third party websites. However, writers and bloggers, especially these with limited technical knowledge, can quickly get confused with the wide options and always need additional helps to choose the best plugins.

Therefore, we have come out the most useful WordPressplugins in below, based on the plugin features, customer feedbacks, and our usage experience. All plugins contain the main features which are beneficial to bloggers and writers, but which to choose is depending on what websites will be used for.

Plan Ahead with Editorial Calendar

Not everyone has an excellent memory. A lot of people are very busy and easy to forget planned arrangements and things to do. In this case, we suggest you to schedule your blog post with a calendar. The Editorial Calendar gives you an overview of your blog and when each post will be published. It is helpful for bloggers who have devoted into several blogs, with which they can easily track which blog post they have to write.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers& Bloggers-Editorial Calendar

Add Multiple Authors with Co-Author Plus

Co-Author Plus is a great WordPress plugin for blogs that allow multiple authors work on the same website. It is very easy to use, and you can add writers as bylines without creating WordPress user accounts. Moreover, it is helpful to credit individual authors for each post. If there are several writers contribute to a single page or post, you can even assign multiple bylines to give credit to each writer. Besides, be different from contributors who can only edit posts that haven’t been published, co-authors have the ability to edit posts.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers& Bloggers-Co-Author Plu

Add Picture with Compflight

Sometimes, it’s not easy to find a proper image for every post. Compflight is a WordPress plugin helps writers quickly find the perfect creative commons licensed photo for the posts every time. It searches through Creative commons-licensed pictures located on Flickr, and selects the right picture which fits your post content, and place it within in 1 click. Besides, it will automatically list the proper attribution with the image so that you don’t need to do it by hand.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers& Bloggers-Compflight

Protect Web Spam with Akismet

Akismet is a good plugin for protect WordPress websites from spams. It is the best automated spam killer that actually gets better as it learns. Akismet monitors millions of blogs and sites. With excellent performance, it has detected a lot of spam words. By filtering out your comment and track-back spam for users, Akismet helps them focus on creating quality content.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers& Bloggers-Akismet

Statistics Visitor Actions with Google Analytics for WordPress

The Google Analytics is a wonderful WordPress plugin. This plugin is easy to use, comes with a simple and easy installation and management. Besides, it also includes the configurable options for links, downloads and website views, etc.

The Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Writers& Bloggers-Editorial Calendar

Other Common Used WordPress Plugins For Writers & Bloggers

In addition to the above plugins which are mainly devoted into the post content, some writers and bloggers may need more plugins for special usage. In below, we have listed some of them briefly.

  • EditFlow – It is a schedule application for WordPress based websites, helping set up to schedule blog posts from multiple authors as well as single blogger.
  • RB Internal Links – Link to posts and pages within your blog using short codes, similar to a wiki or CMS. You don’t need to remember full URLs, but just post ids or slugs with the wysiwyg.
  • Published Articles Since Last Visit – This plug-in offers you the possibility to display a list of published articles on your blog since a returning visitor’s last visit.
  • Social sharing plugins for WordPress which allow visitors easily share your website, pages, post and even categories in 1 click.
  • Cache plugins speed up your WordPress speed and secure your site.


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