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How to Use a WordPress Page Builder to Create Customized Pages

How to Use a WordPress Page Builder to Create Customized Pages

In recent days, some of our readers indicate that they have suffered a lot from fixed layouts on their WordPress site. However, they have no idea about how to replace it with customized pages to capture more visitors. Are you now faced with the same confusion? This article is written to clear up your confusion with a WordPress page builder which enables you to create custom pages in an easy way.

Why Use a WordPress Page Builder

Though many WordPress themes come with different layouts, it is hard to customize layouts if you know nothing about code at all. Supposed that you have learned how to edit code, you still take a high risk in making some changes. Therefore, we advise you to take a dedicated page builder into consideration.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

On the market are many WordPress page creation plugins, among which Page Builder by SiteOrigin can be regarded as the most popular one due to the ease of use. Since the plugin has generated all the efficient code, there is no need for you to write a single line of code. In addition, the plugin enables you to restore your changes without the fear of breaking your content.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin, a simple drag and drop page builder, gives you a complete freedom to build responsive page layouts which adapt to all mobile devices with the widgets you need. On one hand, the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle includes all the frequently used widgets. On the other hand, the plugins you have installed on your WordPress site bring many widgets you can use.

What’s more, this plugin works with all the WordPress themes, making no commitment to a single one. It means that you are free to choose any theme you like and your content will always come along with you.

Now that you can benefit a lot from the free plugin, we find no reasons for you not to use it. In order to install and activate the plugin, you need to log into your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins > Add New, and then search for “Page Builder by SiteOrigin”.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Use the Plugin to Create Customized Pages

In the result screen of Pages > Add New or the existing page you want to edit, you will notice that an extra tab named Page Builder has been added to the standard WordPress editor. This tab connected to your visual editor can lead you to the page builder interface.

Page Builder Editor

Most page builders will set limitations for row layouts, but Page Builder by SiteOrigin is an exception. The Add Row button allows you to flexibly choose a certain number of column for each row and the precise weight for each column. If you want no subfield, you need to set the number as 1.

Add New Row

At present, you are able to add the existing widgets into the column. To make you have a better understanding of how to manage it, we have listed out the specific procedures in below.

  1. Select the column to which you want to add the widgets.
  2. Click on the Add Widget button and then select the widget you love (Note: the function of Filter will help you easily find the widget you need by narrowing down the scope).
  3. Repeat the second step if you want to add a new widget which will be automatically added into the last part of the column.

Each widget inside the column gives you three choices with the Edit, Duplicate, and Delete. In the Edit page, you can customize the widget styles so that you are able to have full control over the content. Since it is easy for you to understand the other two choices, we just skip over them.


By navigating to the Live Editor page, you can see your changes towards widgets and rows in real-time. If you are not satisfied with the layout, just adjust your content through the interface. In fact, it is the most convenient way for you to make adjustments.

Alternatively, you can select a pre-built layout in Layout Directory which is in support for you to preview the content. Doing this will save you much energy on the condition that you can find the desired effect through Layout Directory.

Layout Directory

The area of History has saved your actions so that you can undo or redo moves, edits, and more. For example, you can restore the widget you delete by accident. Therefore, you are worry-free to experiment with different layouts and content.

In order to meet your higher requirements, Page Builder also provides a collection of powerful addons. For example, Ajax Comments can keep your conversations flowing with AJAX loading comments.

Final Thought

To sum up, this article mainly focuses on how to use a WordPress page builder to create customized pages. In our experience, we recommend Page Builder by SiteOrigin as the ideal plugin which will help you beautify your content and achieve the desired effect.


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