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How to Use Twitter Hashtags for More Followers

How to Use Twitter Hashtags for More Followers

There is no need to re-emphasize the huge impact of Twitter on the Internet, for this social networking platform has gained tremendous popularity worldwide coming with 500 million registered users since 2012. In order to become popular among Twitter users and get more followers, many people carry out some useful methods like completing personal profile strategically, updating regularly, creating smart content, retweeting popular tweets, and many more.

In the following, we’d like to introduce another effective way to get Twitter popularity – make use of Twitter hashtags.

What is Twitter Hashtags?

In fact, you must have encountered it many times when going through your Twitter account. This is simply a word, a phrase, or few characters prefixed with the hash symbol of #. It is used to mark your keywords or topics, and can appear at anywhere of the tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end.

Twitter Hashtags

Now, you may be wondering how these hashtags affect your follower base. Let’s say you have published a tweet concerning about Blogger, and have included the hashtag of #blogger in the post. Then, when people search for this word in Twitter, your ranking in the result page can be much higher than those who fail to include this hashtag.

To be frank, the hashtags can increase your opportunity to be viewed and known by Twitter users effectively and significantly.

How to Use It?

It is pretty simple. You only need to type the hashtag symbol of # before a keyword or a relevant phrase with no spaces, and use it in your tweets. However, the key is to figure out whether the hashtag you choose is a popular one that has been searched by a lot of people for many times.

tweet with hashtags

In fact, in the bottom left corner of Twitter, you can see a Trends section that contains all the latest popular hashtags. You can pick one that is related to your content. If there is no proper one available, you can click the Change button and make a search based on your needs.

Twitter Trending Section

If you feel time-consuming with the Trends section, you can also go for Hashtags.org, which is one of the most powerful hashtags resources for Twitter. You can know what is trending on Twitter right now simply from its homepage.

hashtags trending

If you stick to your own hashtag, you can also check its popularity by entering it into the search box. According to the 24-hour graphical analytics, you can decide whether to use this keyword or not objectively and rationally.

hashtags analytics

Some Special Tips

Without doubt, hashtags is very useful to bring you in front of many Twitter users, but only the correct utilization can lead to the best result. To help you avoid the detour, we have come out some special tips in below.

twitter tips

  • Keep It Short and Simple – According to our research and investigation, almost all the popular hashtags are less than 3 words that are simple and basic. Therefore, if you decide to create one on your own, you’d better choose one or two relevant words as the keyword after the hash symbol.
  • Don’t Overuse It – Generally, a tweet can only obtain up to 2 hashtags. If you exceed this limitation, your readers may be confused about your main point, and Twitter may penalize you for hashtags spam.
  • Be Relevant – Never include a hashtag that has no relevancy to your tweet. This practice can be seen as the Black Hat SEO technique that may cause some negative impacts on your account.
  • Be Specific – Note that the competition between hashtags is fierce. Thus, you’d better choose some specific ones and avoid the broad ones to lower this competition to some extent.


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