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Why and How to Use Pay with a Tweet Function in WordPress

Why and How to Use Pay with a Tweet Function in WordPress

Website marketing is a critical practice for all the webmasters. After all, even though you have created a decent website that comes with worth-reading blog posts, you may still feel hard to attract more traffic if you do not market your site on the web.

Previously, we have introduced a long list of tips concerning about how to promote your website on various platforms. This time, we’d like to showcase a new method – the utilization of Pay with a Tweet button. You can check why and how to use it in your WordPress site as below.

The Conditions of Using Pay with a Tweet Button in WordPress

In fact, this special button is used to encourage your readers to share your website content on the hot social platform of Twitter. As Twitter has a great popularity that comes with millions of active users every day, this button can increase your online visibility in front of a large number of potential readers.

In the following, we have listed some situations that are highly recommended to use the Pay with a Tweet button.

  • The button works out if you have something to download on your site, such as the file documentation, map PDF, videos, images and audios. Once it is added, readers need to share your items on Twitter firstly, then they can get the downloading path.
  • If you sell something on your website, you can use this button for your sold items. In this case, customers can pay for your products only after they share your information.
  • If you start the promotional campaign with some coupon codes, this button is also useful to market your activity. After all, people need to share this promotion on Twitter, so as to get the coupon codes for some great discounts.

How to Add the Pay with a Tweet Button in WordPress

In fact, this is not a difficult task, for you only need to leverage the WordPress plugin named as Pay with a Tweet. After installing it on your admin panel, you can find a Pay with a Tweet button in the dashboard column. Simply click it and hit the Configuration button in the drop-down menu for the general settings. Here, you are required to enter your Twitter consumer key and consumer secret.

Twitter Consumer Key

To get these two components, you need to enter this Twitter Developer page in the very beginning. Here, you can create a Twitter application by filling out the APP name, description, your site name and the callback URL.

After that, you need to agree with the Terms of Services and click the button to start the creation. Here, you need to ensure that you have added your phone number in the Twitter profile; otherwise, you may receive an error message.

Create Twitter Application

After a few seconds, you can have your application created and can check the consumer key and consumer secret from the OAuth settings.

OAuth Settings

Once offering these two points, you have successfully connected your WordPress site with the Twitter platform, so it’s time to upload the files you want people to share. For this, you simply need to click the Upload Files button.

Upon the finishing, you can click the New Payment button to create a Pay with a Tweet button.

New Payment Button

Here, you need to enter the title of this button, along with the message to publish in Twitter. Here, we highly recommend you to include your website name, URL and official Twitter account into the message, so as to better promote your site.

For instance, you are going to create the Pay with a Tweet button for your newly uploaded photography, you can enter the information just like the following.

  • Title – Tweet to Download This Awesome Image.
  • Message – I just downloaded this decent image from http://www.yourdoain.com/ via @your twitter account.

If you want to distinguish your button with each other in a vivid manner, you can also upload a button image.

Now, you need to click the File to Download button to open the drop-down that showcases your uploaded files. Choose your preferred one and start creating your Pay with a Tweet button.

Files to Download

As the button is created based on your requirements, the next thing you need to do is to make it alive on your webpages or blog posts.

In fact, you can find a special shortcode that is developed exclusively for your newly-created button from the button management section. Simply copy and paste it to the post editing page. Or, you can drag a text widget to the sidebar and enter the shortcode into it.

Button Shortcode

That’s it! Now, you can go back to your website front-end to check the Pay with a Tweet button. Once your readers are going to download your items, they are prompted to share your content on their Twitter accounts for accessing the file downloading pages.

Pay with a Tweet


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