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Top 5 Recipes to Use IFTTT with WordPress

Top 5 Recipes to Use IFTTT with WordPress

Once you update your WordPress website by adding a new post, you might need to let it be known to your followers. You might want to update such things on social networking sites. Using IFTTT, this process is automated. You don’t have to manually post the update on your Facebook or Twitter account. IFTT is also useful in case you want to gather multiple feeds from the various services you might be using. In such situations, IFTT makes it easy and stress-free job to gather the feeds and recreate the posts on your website. Here, we’d like to tell you the top 5 recipes for IFTTT with WordPress.

What is IFTTT?

what is iftttIFTTT is an acronym that stands for “If This Then That”. It is a service that lets you create connections with web applications. These connections created are very powerful. The conditions that create these connections are called recipes. For example, if your friend tags your photo on Facebook, you receive a notification regarding the same. The tagging of the photo acts as the ‘trigger’ and the notification received is the “action” in response to it.

IFTTT Recipes

Following are the top five recipes to use IFTTT with WordPress channel.

WordPress and Instagram

This recipe is used to create an archive of every photo you may post on Instagram for your WordPress website. For this, the first thing you need to do is to create a trigger. Set the trigger to activate when you post a new photo on Instagram. As an action, set your WordPress site to create a new photo post and publish it on your website.

Consequently, every time you post a new photo on Instagram, the same photo can automatically appear on your WordPress website. There are also options to mention what textual information can be taken to appear along with a photo post on the website from Instagram.

For example, you can set the title of the photo post to be taken from the caption of the image on Instagram. You also have the option of adding these posts in your website into specific categories.

wordpress and instagram

WordPress and YouTube

Suppose you have a YouTube account as well as a WordPress website. You want every YouTube video you upload to also appear on your website. Here is a way to accomplish this tedious task without having to do it manually. First you have to create a trigger. Set this trigger to activate every time you upload a new video on YouTube. Every time this trigger is activated, set the action as creating new post in WordPress.

You have the option of controlling what information from the YouTube video is added to the WordPress post. You can also pre-configure the embed code of the video to control how the video is embedded in the post. Once this recipe is created, you can rest easy and watch it in action. Every time you upload a new video on YouTube, it can automatically appear on your WordPress website.

WordPress and RSS Feeds

wordpress and rss feedsIt is possible for you to have RSS feeds on your WordPress site, and there are many ways to accomplish this. Using IFTTT you can choose which item in the feed you want to be taken and published on your WordPress website. As a norm, a trigger has to be created for the RSS feed. You can specify which keywords must be matched so that the trigger is activated. Once the correct keywords are matched, WordPress can go ahead and create a new post as an action.

Suppose you post on some blog and the trigger that has to match is your name. Every time you post on that blog and your name appears in the feed, this trigger can get activated. This post then can automatically appear as a post on your WordPress website. If you want, you can set the post status to “Private” if you want to be the only one able to read the post on your site.

WordPress and Facebook

There are numerous recipes of WordPress and Facebook using IFTTT. We’d like to discuss one such recipe. Suppose you make a new post on Your WordPress website. You want the link of this post to appear on your Facebook wall so that you can share it with all your friends. This can be accomplished using IFTTT.

You need to create a trigger for every new post you make on your WordPress website. Set the action to create a new post on your Facebook page. Every time you have a new post on your website, this action can be triggered. It can automatically take the URL of your WordPress post and post this on your Facebook page.

Now, every time you make a new post on your website, you need not manually advertise it on Facebook. IFTTT does this job for you.

WordPress and Blogspot

wordpress and blogspotWebsites created in WordPress and Blogspot can both be used as blogs. Sometimes, it happens that you want to maintain a blog on both the sites. This requires extra work for you to publish the same post manually on both sides. Using IFTTT you only need to publish a post once, and it can appear on both the sites.

For example, you want the posts you publish in your WordPress website to appear on Blogspot as well. For this, you need to create a trigger that can activate each time a new post is published on your WordPress site. The action sets the task of recreating the same post on your Blogspot site. Now, every time you make a post in WordPress, you do not need to remember to publish the same in Blogspot. IFTTT automatically does it for you.


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