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How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve WordPress SEO

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve WordPress SEO

Google Webmaster Tools is a very popular application on the Internet. Following this trend, a large number of webmasters have download Google Webmaster to their websites. However, you may feel confused or difficult to use Google Webmaster to improve WordPress SEO. Therefore, we are going to write about some useful and practical tips to improve your website SEO with this application.

Google Webmaster ToolsThe application is built to advocate the communication between Google and website managers. It allows site masters to inquire searching and ranking statistics about their websites. In a word, the tool can check and find questions about your website from the eyes of Google. The main function of Google master lies in two aspects: catching information and checking link and traffic. We give detailed suggestions to improve SEO with Google Webmaster in the following.

Search Queries

This section presents current and average keyword rankings. It also shows organic search impression and click-through rate for each keyword. With these figures, you can have a general knowledge of your website traffic and popular content. There are 5 parts of search queries:

  • Query – Query shows the ranking of your website keywords. In this way, you can know the specific condition about your ranking. Note that, the result just means a ranking in search engines rather than traffic attractions.
  • Search Queries

  • Impression – Impression tells you how many people are seeing your website through specific and accurate keyword searching. This is an important way to ensure the value of keywords.
  • Clicks – This statistic shows the total number of how many people click through and visit your website through search engines. This is another way to know about your website ranking position. To some extent, Clicks shows how many people have noticed your website.
  • CTR – Click through rate shows the percentage of people visiting your site. It suggests that among all the people seeing your websites, how many of them click on it. If you get a bad score in this part, you need to think about how to make your title tag eye-catching. This part is of great value because it is under the condition that people have saw your website, what you need to do is just attract them in.
  • Avg.position – Avg.position shows the average position of your keyword. That is to say, if someone searches for the given keyword, what is the place of your post in the search engine? It is the evidence about how you perform and whether your hard working paid back or not.

Authorship Statistics

Google Webmaster Tools gives you data that about other websites by tying guest posts on other websites to your Google+ author account. Then, your picture appears near the content in the search engine. As a result, it is easier for readers to get related posts you have written. Besides, you can also identify which of your articles is getting the most views and its ranking position as well as CTR. If you wanna know more about this function, visit this link to get the information.

Adding Sitemaps

SitemapsAs the name suggests, sitemap is the map of a website just like the index of a book. It allows you to check all the sitemaps you have added. The good news is that you don’t have to install a Sitemap manually because there are plugins in wordpress.org that helps you to build one easily. Note that, if you have a video on your site, you’d better build a video sitemap which allows Google to index video on your site rather than video websites.

Tidy Up Your Site Links

Now, Google puts much importance on bad link removal. If it finds out there are any unnatural or broken links in your website, you are going to be punished with a lower ranking. Fortunately, Google Webmaster Tools offers a Removal URLs which allows you to get rid of unwanted URLs from Google index. If you want more information about link removal, you can visit remove Google indexed URLs for detailed steps.

Content Keywords

You can find content keywords under Google index. It shows Google’s view about your posts rather than how you think about them. The function shows keyword significance, occurrence, and variants encountered. With these figures, you can have a clear idea about how Google thinks about your content. Accordingly, you can come up with plans to add relevant keywords whether it is by creating content, themes or topics.


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