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How to Add Google Webmaster Tools in WordPress to Improve SEO

How to Add Google Webmaster Tools in WordPress to Improve SEO

Adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools, or namely, Google Search Console, is an effective method to monitor the running performance and the page ranking of your site in Google searching results. This is a special Google tool that advocates the communication between Google and the website. With it, you can check and find the current or potential issues with your website. In this case, we’d like to come out the simple tutorial about Google Webmaster Tools. With the following content, you can know what it is and how to add Google Webmaster Tools in WordPress to improve SEO and performance.

General Knowledge About Google Webmaster Tools

In fact, this is a set of exclusive Google tools, which gives you the deep sights of how your website is seen by Google search engine. With it, you can learn the following aspects and get some benefits easily.

  • The statistics, data and reports allow you to know how different your webpages are appearing online.
  • You can know the display frequency of the keywords and searching queries on your website, along with how they are clicked.
  • According to the analysis, you can better update your old posts and come out the new online contents.
  • You can also submit XML sitemap, exclude the URLs and highlight your key contents easily.

Google Webmaster Tools Reports

Check the Search Queries

This section presents current and average keyword rankings. It also shows the organic search impression and click-through rate for each keyword. With these figures, you can have a general knowledge of your website traffic and popular content.

    Search Queries

  • Impression – Impression tells you how many people are seeing your website through specific and accurate keyword searching. This is an important way to ensure the value of keywords.
  • Clicks – These statistics show the total number of how many people click through and visit your website through search engines. This is another way to know about your website ranking position. To some extent, clicks show how many people have noticed your website.
  • CTR – Click through rate shows the percentage of people visiting your site. It suggests that among all the people seeing your websites, how many of them click on the links and buttons within the pages. If you get a bad score in this part, you need to think about how to make your buttons eye-catching.
  • Avg.position – Avg.position shows the average position of your keyword. That is to say, if someone searches for the given keyword, what is the place of your post in the SERPs? It is the evidence about how your website performs and whether your hard working has paid back or not.

Add Sitemaps

SitemapsAs the name suggests, the sitemap is the map of a website just like the index of a book. This tool allows you to check all the sitemaps you have added. The good news is that there are plugins in wordpress.org that help you build and submit one easily.

Tidy Up Your Site Links

Now, Google puts much importance on bad link removal. If the searching robots find out that there are any unnatural or broken links in your website, you are going to be punished with a lower ranking. Fortunately, Google Webmaster Tools offers a Removal URLs tool which allows you to get rid of unwanted URLs from Google index. If you want more information about link removal, you can visit remove Google indexed URLs for detailed steps.

Analyze Content Keywords

You can find content keywords under Google index. The function shows keyword significance, occurrence, and variants encountered. With these figures, you can have a clear idea of how Google thinks about your content. Accordingly, you can come up with plans to add relevant keywords.

Add Google Webmaster Tools in WordPress

To add Google Webmaster Tools to your WordPress site, you firstly should enter the official site and sign in using your Google account.

Sign In Google Webmaster Tools

After that, you need to enter the URL of your website and click the Add New Site button. And then, you should verify the ownership of your website. Here, this tool gives you multiple options to choose. For instance, you can download the exclusive HTML file and upload it to the root directory of your site. Or, you can hit the Alternate method button to add the meta tag to the WordPress site. As far as we are concerned, this is the easier method to try.

Here, we highly recommend you to install the Insert Headers plugin to add the meta tag. After that, you can deactivate this plugin for it is useless.

Insert Headers and Footers

Now, you should enter the settings page of it and paste the exclusive meta tag line that is available from Google Webmaster Tools. Generally, the tag looks like this way.

Add HTML Tag

Now, you just need to click the Verify button. And then, you should create and submit the XML sitemap of your WordPress site. This may take a while for Google to get and to showcase your website data. Upon the success, you have already added Google Webmaster Tools to your WordPress site. Thus, you can make use of the reports or the data to better know and optimize your website.


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