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How to Use the Popular Google Services in WordPress

How to Use the Popular Google Services in WordPress

Google constantly provides some useful services and tools to make your life easier and better. For the website, the Google services can make your website much easy to be found. And you can constantly check and monitor the running statistics within the dashboard. This time, we’d like to list some useful tools or plugins for the integration of Google service. Thus, you can easily know how to use the popular Google services in WordPress.

Note that you do not need to apply all of these tools to your WordPress site. Instead, you just need to pick up the ones that you need the utmost.

Google Fonts

Looking to make your website much more legible? Here, you can leverage the Google fonts. To put it simply, the Google Fonts is a directory of free fonts. It is designed to ensure a comprehensive platform for you to discover your wanted fonts. At present, there are move than 800 fonts available through the main website.

Frankly speaking, this is the most basic Google service that brings the personality to your website effectively. And you can make use of it by installing the Easy Google Fonts plugin. With it, you can get the easy process to add any custom Google fonts to your WordPress site without the coding stuff. In addition, while integrating with your WordPress customizer, you can preview your fonts in the real-time.

To use it, you simply need to click the Appearance > Customizer button. From the Typography part, you can choose between the default typography and the theme typography. Here, you need to hit on the second option.

Theme Typography

Now, you can pick up your preferred font family, weight, style, text decoration and transform.

Font Family

In addition, if you need, you can also decide the font color as you like. But personally, we think the commonly used black option is the best choice.

Font Color

Note that you can get the real-time preview from the right hand screen. If you feel satisfied, you just need to save the settings and check the final result.

Google Analytics

This is the useful Google service that every website should use. It is a premium online analytics service to track and to report your website traffic.

This special service ensures the dashboard-type and high-level data for all the casual users. Thus, besides the online traffic, you can also easily measure your advertisement ROI, along with the video, flash and applications. Even, Google Analytics can identify some poorly performing pages on your website. Thus, you can optimize the pages according. Note that this service has the special technique of funnel visualization, with which you can learn where your audiences are coming from, how long they will stay to see your contents and what actions they will make.

As for adding Google Analytics to WordPress, you can check this tutorial to learn the manual method. Or, you can consider the utilization of the Google Analytics WD plugin. This plugin will add the tracking code of your Google Analytics account automatically. Also, it will provide the necessary options to you to customize the code as you wish.

Upon the installation of this plugin, you do not need to go to the Google Analytics page to check your website statistics. Instead, you only need to hit the Analytics > Overview button from the admin panel. And then, you can get the overview of your website traffic.

Google Analytics

Google Maps

This Google service is pretty suitable for some specific websites. These include the online store that has the physical location. As compared with many other similar tools or services, this one can ensure you the ultimately precise map. Here, the Google Maps will offer the satellite imagery, the panoramic views of the streets map and the real-time Google traffic conditions. Even, your audiences can get the route planning by foot, bicycle, public transportation and car.

The display of the Google map is pretty easy. You simply need to paste the HTML code of your target location into any location of your site. The code can be got just like the following screenshot.

Google Maps

Also, there are a lot of related plugins you can use to apply the Google maps to your website. You can check this tutorial of Google map integration to learn some other options.

Google Drive

If you require the secure environment for your file, you can consider the Google Drive. This is a powerful file service for storage and synchronization. With it, you can store your important files in the cloud, synchronize the files across the devices and share them as you like. Even, this is a great backup tool. At present, there is a large number of webmasters looking to backup their WordPress sites to Google Drive.

Here, you can consider the Google Drive WP Media plugin. With it, you can manage all your files and folders remotely from the WordPress website. Also, you can upload and share the files to the Google Drive account from your site.

Before using it, you need to enter your Google Drive API key and the Google email properly.

Google Drive

Next, you can create the folder that will appear in the “Share with Me” and the “Incoming” section.

Create Folder

Now, you can click the Media > Google Drive WP Media button to upload the files. Before uploading anything, you should choose the proper folder in advance.

Upload Files

And all the files can be listed just like the following screenshot.

File List

Google XML Sitemap

It is known to all that the complete XML sitemap is pretty important for your search engine optimization. And the Google XML sitemap service can effectively tell the Google search engine about the total organization of your website content. With the generated sitemap, it is easier for the searching spiders to check the total structure of your website so as to retrieve the whole site efficiently.

With the Google XML Sitemaps plugin installed, you only need to configure the basic options such as notifying Google about all the updates of your website. Then, the sitemap can be generated automatically.

Google XML Sitemap


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