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How to Use Facebook News Feed Ads to Boost Your Business?

How to Use Facebook News Feed Ads to Boost Your Business?

facebook news feeds adsFacebook is no longer a simple social site, but a comprehensive social networking that is widely used by individuals to interact with online friends and by companies to promote products and services. For commercial usages, Facebook ads are essentially preferred by companies and businesses.

There are plenty of different ad formats offered, in which the News Feed ads is one of the most popular one because it appears on every user’s homepage and highlights related information, allowing users to participate in a promotional activity easily.

To help business start News Feeds ads with ease, we introduce it in detail and summarize some helpful tips for using Facebook News Feed ads to increase your business in the following.

What is Facebook News Feed Ads?

There are two main promotional methods on Facebook, Ads and Sponsored stories. Ads stand for the voices of business while sponsored stories represent the voices of friends. According the ads showcase place, Facebook ads are divided into News Feed ads and right hand column ads. In the below, we carefully discuss Facebook News Ads.

News Feed ads, as the name suggests, are Facebook ads display in the News Feeds. No matter the ad type is App ad, Domain ad, Event ad, Mobile Ad, Page like ad or Page post ad, once it displays in the News Feed, it can be called as News Feed ads, which give you full control over the title, imagery and text of the ads. By integrating the brand information into the editorial flow, it is great for business promotions.

How to Use Facebook News Feed Ads?

For readers who want to learn about how to start Facebook News Feed ads to boost businesses, just follow the below guidelines and tips.

Produce Highly Engaging Content

creat engaging contentFirst of all, let’s talk about your purpose. By posting News Feed ads, what do you want to get – high click-through rate, great impressions, or something others? By identifying your goals, you can produce high engaging content to attract audiences’ sights.

Your fans don’t share a post unless it’s useful and interesting to them. In this case, you need to create a post with trending topics, funny words, meaningful content, and more. Only with helpful post, the audiences can automatically Like your posts and reshare them to their friends.

Besides, as images are more likely to catch attentions of your fans, you can attach a stunning picture when publish a post. To get the best visibility, we recommend you using images that are 600x 315 pixels. As ads that have more than 20% of text in the images won’t be approved to run in News Feed, you can use the Facebook grid tool to create proper images.

Know When your Audience Are Online

In general, Facebook displays the most recent posts at the top of the New Feed. If you publish posts at the 5 am, but the general users are active 8 am, we are sure they don’t see your updates at all. So,in addition to having good content, you should publish your post at the right time – when your audiences are online.

To learn about when the best time to post on Facebook is and when most of your fans are active, you can go to Facebook Insights and click Posts.

Facebook insights when your fans are online

Post Frequently

Actually, there is never a period when none of your fans are using Facebook. In order to get the most impressions and attentions, you can update posts frequently. Instead of publishing freely, you need to post at the right time when your fans are online and active.

On the other hand, post frequently does not means you need publish as many posts as possible every day, but should regularly update several posts each day. The recommended update frequency is 4 to 6 posts per day. Too frequent updates may annoy your audiences and make them un-follow you no longer.

Reply to Fans

As Facebook is a social network, you need to interact with your audiences. Once they Like your post, share it, or comment it, you’d better reply to them, which tells them you are alive, emotional, and active. After all, compared to seeing blunt advertising, your fans are more willing to communicate with real friends.

For example, you can express your thanks for people who like or share your content, and discuss with people that are comment on it. By this way, you can easily build up a close relationship with your Facebook audiences and promote your products and servers simply.


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