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Top 5 Tips of URL Optimization for Better SEO

Top 5 Tips of URL Optimization for Better SEO

When running a website, SEO is one of the most important parts to promote website and gain huge revenue. By optimizing it friendly to search engines, your website can get good ranking in the search result pages and easily attract a large number of visits. In this tutorial, we carefully introduce 5 URL optimization tips to help WordPress fans optimize their website friendly to search engines.

What is URL?

Although everyone knows what is URL, we still explain it in detail here. Short for Uniform Resource Locator, URL is a reference to the location of a web page or online resource. You can see the example as https://whatswp.com/wordpress-hosting/, which links to our specific WordPress Hosting Page.

URL is the only mark of a web page. It has a key value in the ranking authority of a website. Actually, search engines take many URL properties into consideration before giving it a specific ranking in the search results, such as the structure and format of the URL, dynamic or static URL, length of the URL, and so on.

URL structure

In the following, we just come out some tips for URL optimization, with which you can easily put the guideline into practices and make your site SEO friendly.

Use Related Keyword in URLs

Just as keyword in the domain name has a fair priority, keyword also plays a crucial role in the URL. By including the keyword related to your web content, search engines can easily understand what your webpage is about and index it quickly and effectively.

For example, when we search “WordPress SEO Guideline” in Google, it highlights the keyword in the URL, which may attract visitors greatly.

wordpress seo guideline image

So, when writing a post, you can edit the URL by hand with your targeted keyword but instead of generating the URL by default. However, everything should be nature at first. Keyword stuffing is not a good practice.

Keep URL Readable

readable URLAs Google says it likes simple URL structures in this article, we suggest you keep URL structure as simple as possible. Too complex URLs, especially those including multiple parameters, may cause a problem for crawlers to index your website and content. Besides, they are hard for people to read and understand so that they are less likely to click your link.

In this case, you can create readable URL structure. By using understandable words rather than long ID number, you can clearly showcase the web content and visitors can easily decide whether they should go to your site.

Besides, you can use hyphens to replace the underscores to separate the words in URL because Google considers hyphens to be word separators.

Short URL Length

A short URL is easy and quick to type and read for readers. As well, the fewer the words, the more value each word delivers for a search engine spider.

In order to short the URL length, you should not nest your webpage too deeply. Google doesn’t like to index pages with more than 3 folder levels deep. In addition, you can try to avoid using words like a, our, for, the, and so on When customizing the URL.

Dynamic URLs VS Static URLs

url seoA dynamic URL is a page address that is generated from a specific query to a site database. It is basically a template in which to showcase the results of the data query. For example, once the URL is requested, the CMS dynamically create the URL with lots of parameters and unreadable characters, like the following.


The dynamic URL is not SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly for end visitors.

On the other hand, static URL is typically ranked better in search engines results pages, and it is indexed quicker than dynamic URLs. With a static URL like https://whatswp.com/wordpress-hosting/, visitors are easy to understand what the page is about.

Fix Broken Links

For some reasons, a link may point to a webpage that is no longer available on the Internet. That is a broken link, which can severely hurt your website. After all, Google search is based on link.

In fact, you can easily fix broken links with some professional link checkers listed in this tutorial. Besides, you can also link some essentially pages internally.


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