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How to Upload ePUB Files in WordPress

How to Upload ePUB Files in WordPress

The ePUB is the exclusive e-book file format. This kind of file allows people to read and to download the contents on devices like tablets, smart phones, e-readers, computers and many more. In this case, if you decide to showcase the e-book contents on your WordPress site, you’d better transfer the file extension with the ePUB one. After all, it becomes the official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum. In the following, we have listed two simple methods of how to upload ePUB files in WordPress.

Here, we need to mention that WordPress does not support the uploading of the ePUB files by default due to the security reasons. If you upload this kind of file, WordPress will only showcase a link to the attachment page but not the direct link to the file. To deal with this situation, you should leverage the power of the additional plugins.

Option 1 – Allow ePUB Formats Upload Plugin

The Allow ePUB Formats Upload plugin enables the uploading of all the ePUB files and MOBI files easily. There is no configuration needed. You just need to keep this plugin installed and activated properly. And then, you can upload the ePUB files to your WordPress site as you do normally.

Upload ePUB Files

Option 2 – Read Offline Plugin

If you want to sell the e-book on your WordPress site, this Read Offline plugin is a good choice to try. It allows you to add the download links at the top or the bottom location of your pages and posts. The file types include PDF, MOBI and EPUB. You can enable the file types in the settings page easily.

Firstly, you should click the Read Offline button from the admin panel. From the General Options part, you can enable the formats available for all your visitors. Here, you need to tick the checkbox of ePUB.

Read Offline General Settings

If you want, you can also decide the further configuration for the ePUB files by clicking the ePUB menu tab. For instance, you can determine whether to generate the entries for the table of contents automatically. And also, you can decide the cover art with the featured image or a fixed image, along with the exact ePUB style.

ePUB File Settings


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