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The Updates in WordPress 3.9 Smith

The Updates in WordPress 3.9 Smith

wordpress 3.9 smithThe latest version of WordPress 3.9 was officially released in April 16, 2014, named as “Smith” to commemorate the jazz musician Jimmy Smith. At present, you are able to download it from WordPress Community or update in your WordPress dashboard.

Not only fixing the general issues and bugs, this release comes with a set of awesome new features. In the following, we just tell you something new in WordPress 3.9 Smith.

Live Widget and Header Previews

In WordPress 3.9, you can check the previews of header and widget using the customizer. The customizer has been added widgets that you can add, and edit on your site. You can preview all changes lively and save them at last when you finish the customization. In addition, the boosted image tool also allows you to upload and manage the headers.

widget and header live preview

With this new feature, the customizer is more complete and power. However, the old screen is still there so that you can handle the widgets in the traditional method if you like.

Visual Editor Improvement

WordPress Visual Editor has been updated to the latest version 4.0, coming with a series of improvements.

First of all, the new TInyMCE comes with a clean interface. As the updated editor has boosted the page loading speed and reliability, you can feel free to paste a block of text from Word without leaving a horrible mess of letters.

gallery preview

In addition, it also optimizes the media editing experience. You can just grab them into the editor.

Audio and Video Playlists

The advanced WordPress 3.9 now has the ability to create audio and video players, which is an awesome feature for musicians who like to showcase their music for clips. The audio and video playlists so users are allowed to upload files and add them as a player from the media uploading tool.

In this way, WordPress 3.9 Smith can be a perfect choice for musicians, especially considering the premium WordPress music themes.

audio and video playlists

New Theme Browser

WordPress is powerful, along with thousands of stunning and free themes on WordPress.org. At present, WordPress 3.9 Smith is updated with a new theme browser, which gives users easy and fun experience when looking for a new theme.

new theme browser

In addition, you can also find some outstanding themes by going to our Themes Category. All those themes are reviewed and tested by our editors.


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