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How to Undo Changes Using Post Revisions in WordPress

How to Undo Changes Using Post Revisions in WordPress

Being the most used content management system, WordPress analyzes and brings developments in its platform. Noticing a need for revisions and alterations in the content published on WordPress sites as pages or posts, this leading CMS has inaugurated a unique feature where you can store and undo all the revisions.

It is one of the most talked-about features due to its usefulness and benefits to content writers and publishers. This is because you can undo changes or save changes by using post revisions to enhance the quality of content.

In this article, we simply discuss the definition of post revisions along with the reasons to use it followed by the procedure to undo changes.

What is Post Revisions?

Post revision is a unique feature of WordPress wherein a post has several versions or revisions stored for future reference. Revisions are stored automatically every 60 seconds while you can save your posts as drafts manually.

The revisions are stored in a proper way so that you can check its information and track the one you want to restore conveniently. Using this feature, you can make alterations to your WordPress posts without involving any risk of content loss.

Overall, it renders you the liberty to make as many changes as you want so that you can offer the best content to your viewers.

Post Revisions

Why Should You Use Post Revisions?

You upload a well-written content to your website after proofreading with the help of some grammar check tools. But, the fact is inevitable that impressive content demands alterations and re-writing on multiple occasions. Therefore, you may need to alternate changes on your posts when you spot them. WordPress post revisions render you a bird’s eye view of your post where you can see the modifications made.

Adding to it, you get the option to access the editorial platform and select the best revision from the list of revisions made till date. This gives you the opportunity to undo the changes made if you feel that the previous version of a post is better than its current version.

How to Use Post Revisions to Undo Changes?

Using post revisions for reverting back some changes is quite simple. You need to follow an easy procedure which involves the implementation of some steps on your WordPress site. If you have a fair knowledge, you can execute the steps to undo changes using post revisions without involving the need for a developer’s helping hand. That being said, let’s check out the steps involved in using post revisions to revert alterations.

The first method for viewing your revisions is by navigating to the meta box. The meta box of the post is located on the edit section of the specific post. In the meta box, you can find a “Browse” option beside the Revision tab. You need to click on this link for visiting the post revision screen.

Revision Browse” Option

In the alternative method, you can reach the post revisions section by checking the “Revisions” option available in the Screen Options menu.

Revisions Option

Once you are in the post revisions section, you can see all the latest revision of a particular post along with a scrollbar. You can use the scrollbar to check all the revisions of the post. You can easily identify the changes made in every post as the alterations are highlighted in pink and green colors. Also, you can see the basic information about the post such as the time and date of revisions.

Restore this Revision

You should go through all the alterations made to a post and make sure which one of the available revisions is the most appropriate. Once done, you can restore the revision by clicking on the “Restore this Revision” option. You can witness that the revision has been restored on your post by transferring the latest post content to the Revisions section.


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