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TypePad Vs WordPress – What Are the Similarities & Differences?

TypePad Vs WordPress – What Are the Similarities & Differences?

Two of the leading platforms for websites are WordPress and TypePad. Each has being used by millions of users residing in different parts of the world, and both the platforms offer a wide range of features. The users have had a difficult time while choosing one of the two blogging platform because each offers some benefits over the other in some area. Therefore, we are making a TypePad vs WordPress comparison so that our readers can choose a suitable platform on the basis of their needs.


typepad vs wordpress costPricing is one of the most important factors taken into account at the time of choosing between TypePad and WordPress. Although the basic structure of both the platforms is somewhat similar, the hosting fees make the difference in the long run. Whether it is WordPress or TypePad, a domain name can be purchased for $7 to $15 per year.

When it comes to the hosting plans, TypePad includes the hosting charges in its monthly fee. The monthly plans range from $8.95 to $29.95 per month depending upon the features offered to the user. The highest plan includes some effective features such as priority support and the allowance to create multiple blogs. On the other hand, WordPress doesn’t offer a hosting package to its users. So users get the flexibility to choose a third party hosting service that starts from about $10 per month.

The selection of platform merely depends upon the type of hosting service required by the website. A basic website can choose any of the two because the price of hosting package is approximately same. If a website is for a corporate organization, it might need a superior hosting plan. Hence, one should compare the TypePad vs WordPress hosting plan rates and choose the one that is cost effective.


Although the presence of millions of users is found in both the platforms, thousands of bloggers have been migrating from one platform to the other. After a recent survey, it can be said that TypePad had a big community a few years ago but the popularity and features of WordPress have attracted a remarkable amount of users from the former platform.

With the increased liking for advanced technology, users have started using WordPress because of its versatile platform offering powerful customizations. Overall, it can be concluded that the usage of WordPress platform is appreciably higher than TypePad at present.


customizationThe primary benefit of using TypePad is its simplicity in customizations. The user can establish a website on TypePad within an hour, thanks to the beautiful design of the site. A banner can be added to the website and color adjustments can be made to suit the business. Owning an Unlimited Account brings a lot more customization options in the form of Advanced Template Set. The user can choose a suitable template from the list to modify the appearance of the site. However, all the customization options are based on the top to bottom template.

When it comes to WordPress, millions of users use this platform just to enjoy the available customization options. Offering a dynamic platform, the users can choose from a wide range of themes available on the internet. Some of the themes are responsive and suit well on multiple devices. Apart from it, some themes offer a stylish panel to upload images in a slideshow. Customization can also be made by installing plugins and widgets on the WordPress site manually.

Therefore, TypePad is suitable for organizations that just require a basic and simple-to-use platform whereas WordPress is the preferable platform for dynamic users.

Flexibility and Functionality

TypePad is a simplified platform that allows the users to execute operations easily and quickly. With some templates on the pack along with color adjustment options, TypePad lets its users customize their blogs in a few clicks.

However, the platform suffers in offering useful tools to its users when compared to WordPress. Thousands of plugins, themes and widgets are launched by many developers that provide the flexibility of customizing blogs efficiently to the users. Therefore, the flexibility of WordPress platform is greater than the TypePad.

Customer Service

customer serviceWordPress offers the support to download a backup of the content presented in a blog. This feature is not available in the TypePad. The kind of backup option provided by the latter is almost useless. Apart from it, the customer support team of WordPress is pretty interactive and helps the users in executing various operations. Also, the FAQs of WordPress renders sufficient information to the users in tackling various situations.


The above-mentioned TypePad vs WordPress factors should be taken into consideration for choosing the most effective platform. Every user must realize his website needs and then compare it to the features provided by the two leading platforms.

Overall, WordPress is suitable for users who want tremendous numbers of customization, features and security of their website whereas TypePad is the preferable platform for users who want a simple and easily-accessible platform.


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