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How to Tweak WordPress Comment to Better Streamline Your Website

How to Tweak WordPress Comment to Better Streamline Your Website

No matter you are a newcomer or have run a WordPress site for years, most of you must have already realized the importance of the comment section. With it, you can start the interactive online community to better talk to your readers and to get the visiting feedbacks easily.

However, in addition to the benefits, the practice of comment opening can also result in some drawbacks. For instance, you many receive some bad comments or may encounter the spam issues. In this case, to better streamline your website, we’d like to list some tips about how to tweak WordPress comment.

Add the Step of CAPTCHA Verification

By default, the comment section of WordPress site only requires people to enter the comment body, name, email address and website URL. The last one even is not the required option. After filling out these fields, anyone who checks your post can click the Post Comment button to make the words published online.

However, if your comment is utilized by some hackers, they may post the spam information on your site. It is true that you may have already enabled the comment moderation system. However, too many submissions of the spam comments can leave you much burden to deal with them.

In this case, to tweak your WordPress comments, we highly recommend you to enable the CAPTCHA verification. Here, you can find a lot of WordPress CAPTCHA plugins to achieve this goal. Personally speaking, we think the CAPTCHA plugin is the most lightweight and user-friendly one.

To use it, you can move to the settings page of this plugin directly. From the column of General Options, you need to choose the WordPress Comments Form tab. Now, you simply need to click the Enable checkbox.

CAPTCHA Verification

Enable the Comment Subscription

Many of your website readers may choose to leave some words in your comment section and never spare any attention to them later. Actually, this can do no good to the effective in-site communication. After all, once their comments are replied by some other visitors, they will never know that.

In this case, you’d better enable the function of comment subscription. This way, after commenting on your contents, people can subscribe to their comments. Once there are some people who reply to the comments, they can be informed immediately.

As for this aspect, you can make use of the Subscribe to Comments plugin. By activating it, your visitors can sign up for the email notifications of the subsequent discussion of their comments.

To use it, you only need to decide the “From” name and the “From” address for the notification emails, enter the text for the comment subscription form and determine the subscriber name formatting.

Comment Subscription

This way, before people submit their comments, they can tick the checkbox to subscribe to their words.

Determine the Limit Length for Comments

In most cases, you may do not care how long the comments to be showcased on your site. But personally, we think you’d better tweak WordPress comment for the limit length and word count. By doing so, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • The minimum limit length can avoid some general and meaningless comments. For instance, some people may leave the words of “nice post” or “great content”. These comments actually cannot benefit your site, so you’d better avoid them.
  • Generally, the long comment length can encourage people to leave some worth-reading words. For instance, they can be encouraged to express their ideas to your contents in detail.

This time, you can think about the utilization of the plugin of Minimum Comment Length. Here, you can enter the value of the minimum word count. If people fail to meet this value, you can showcase the error message to inform them about this fact.

Limit Length for Comments

Move Your Comments from One Blog Post to Another

If you are in one of the following situations, you need to tweak your comments for this aspect.

  • You are looking to write a new version of a single blog post and to redirect the old version. As the comments cannot be transferred along with the post redirection, you can start this tweak to move your comments.
  • If you’d like to start the A/B testing between two post versions, you need to move the comments from one version to another after the tests.
  • It is possible that your readers comment on the wrong post accidentally. If so, you need to tweak the comment to correct the mistake.

To move your comments, the easiest way is to use the plugin of Movable Comments. You do not need to set up for it and can go to the Comments section directly. Here, you can target the comment that you want to move. After that, you need to apply to the action of Move Comments.

Move Comments

Now, you can choose the post type and the target post to move this comment.

Close the Comments for Some Old Posts and Pages

Personally speaking, you’d better shut down the commenting function after a certain period of time for your posts and pages. This is because as compared the newly posted contents, the old posts are the main targets of spammers. After all, for most webmasters, they will leave less attention to the old contents.

Due to this, your old posts may continuously receive the magnet number of comment spam. As the more spam means the more bandwidth consumption, this tweak is pretty critical. Even, you can have your pages load faster by doing so.

Here, you have two methods to do this. Firstly, you can close the comment for your old posts one by one. For this, you can edit that specific post and uncheck the box of Allow Comments. Also, do not forget to disable the function of Allow Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

It is possible that you cannot find these two boxes. If so, you can move to the Screen Options part to tick the checkbox of Discussion.

Allow Comments

If you do not want to do this manually, you can also go to the Discussion Settings part by pressing the Settings > Discussion button. From the area of Other Comment Settings, you can close the comments on some articles that are older than some days.

Other Comment Settings

Integrate with the Social Network

It is true that you can use the default WordPress comment system to communicate with online visitors. However, we think the utilization of the comment system ensured by some social networks is the better selection.

Actually, you may already find a lot of ways to integrate your WordPress site with these hottest social platforms effectively. By doing so, you can leverage their popularity and large user base to better promote your website and to easily attract more potential readers.

Now, if you adopt the social network comment system, you can better achieve your promotional goal. For instance, the best choice for this is to use the Facebook comment. Once you have set up for it properly, people need to log in their Facebook account and use their Facebook name to leave the words on your posts. Even, the best part is that they have the option to post the comment on their Facebook platform. This indirectly exposes the existence of your site to the outside world.

Facebook Comment


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