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How to Turn Your WordPress Site into App by Using AppPresser

How to Turn Your WordPress Site into App by Using AppPresser

It is estimated that 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices and thus most people cannot trivialize the importance of mobile device visitors. Most people have built their sites to accommodate the high mobile traffic that is directed to their sites.

A blogger may decide to have an app for the blog site that keeps the mobile visitors up to date with all the content. You may be wondering how to turn WordPress into such an app with the simpler way.

Here, AppPresser comes to make things easy instead of building a mobile app from scratch. With this tool, your site is bound to go high in popularity and get your traffic that converts. Now, we’d like to make a comprehensive tutorial about how to turn WordPress site into app using AppPresser.

Benefits of Turning WordPress into Mobile App

Having a mobile app for your site is important. You can leverage notifications on your site to enable mobile browsers get notifications as soon as you post. They will be able to read your content, share it on social media and even leave their comments. The app is easy and gives the mobile users more functionality and more access to your site.

What is AppPresser?

AppPresser is a tool that allows you to convert your existing WordPress site into a mobile app for iOS and android. You can then distribute the app through Google Play and iTunes. You can add other related features such as WooCommerce for an e-commerce site, BuddyPress for a social network blog or any other features developed by Phonegap’s API.


Once you install the AppPresser plugin and the theme accompanying it, it maintains the look of your site on the mobile app. Your normal WordPress theme will not be changed, and this will be seen inside the mobile app.

AppPresser requires you to have fast hosting solution if you need to have a high-quality functionality app. You may consider BlueHost. The App does not operate offline and thus your visitors need to have an internet connection to access your site through it.

There are additional extensions that you may need to improve the functionality of the mobile app. The extensions are included in the agency bundle and include AppPush which enhances push notifications, AppBuddy which integrates BuddyPress, AppCamera for photo sharing, AppGeolocation for Geolocation integration, AppSwiper for homepage slider widget and lastly the AppWoo for WooCommerce.

Build Your App

You should purchase the AppPresser bundle. There are the standard and the agency bundle. You should read the AppPresser Developer Handbook before you buy a bundle to bring yourself to terms with what you are about to buy.

Install AppPresser Plugin

Go to the WordPress Dashboard and install the plugin to get started. This is done from the plugin directory as seen on the image below.

download plugin

The plugin allows you to integrate your site to app extensions and features as provided by AppPresser via Phonegap.

Install AppSwiper and AppPresser

It is advisable that you use the AppPresser theme which does not interfere with the theme of your site or the mobile site. The theme is designed to work with touch devices while other WordPress themes are not.

To install this, login to your AppPresser account and select My Account >> View Details >> Downloads. Here, you can get the theme download and get the license keys. Other plugins can also be viewed on this page.

license key

Copy paste your license keys on an editor and download the AppTheme and the AppSwiper. You can also download other plugins you need. Upload the downloaded theme through your WordPress Dashboard. Leave it without activation.

add theme

Upload the Swiper plugin downloaded together with the AppTheme from the WordPress plugin menu and activate it.


Go to WordPress Dashboard and select AppPresser Menu. Select “Load AppPresser for Admins Only” and turn it on. You then can preview the app as admin. This does not interfere with the normal operation of your site. You can browse your site just as a normal visitor to see its function. Promptly enter the license keys and click Save Settings.


Build the App Homepage

To turn WordPress into app, you have to create a homepage for your site. The homepage should be distinct. The homepage is for those using a mobile app and does not affect HTML mobile site of the desktop version of your site.

Go to WordPress Dashboard and set a new homepage for the app. Add [swiper] shortcode.

swiper shortcode

With AppSwiper plugin, you can create sliders that are custom post types. You can create sliders to link to the content that goes to the mobile app. A featured image should be selected to act as a background for each slide.

Then, you need to give the created homepage a name by visiting AppPresser Settings pages on your WordPress Dashboard and select home.

AppPresser Core Settings

Refresh your site, and you can see the new homepage and the slider you earlier created. Customize the app as you need to meet your feel and taste. After you turn WordPress into app, you can upload it to iTunes or Google Play.


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