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Tips to Turn Post Readers into Paying Customers

Tips to Turn Post Readers into Paying Customers

As surfing on the Internet is the daily activity for the majority of people all over the world, online business has become a trend nowadays. Many business owners sell and promote their products and services by setting up the online platform that comes with the attractive and informative content. Most of them believe that if they can enlarge their loyal reader base, they can boost up the daily sales and generate more revenue. Here, we have to note that this is a misconception. The large reader base cannot benefit your business if none of your visitors are willing to turn into the real customers.

Now, you might be wondering how to turn post readers into paying customers. Here, we have listed some useful tips in the following.

Tip No.1 – Know Your Audience and Write for Them

First of all, you need to realize that you are blogging for the growth of your business but not for your interests. In this case, you need to analyze who are your potential customers and plan ahead to blog for them with the right writing styles and topics. For instance, you cannot use the same language to target the first-time moms as you do for the experienced nursing professionals.

To get the thorough understanding of your target people, you can consider several aspects that include gender, age, profession, interests and even marital status.

Tip No.2 – Come Out the Object-Oriented Content

Customers are willing to check some object-oriented posts that can answer them some questions or help them resolve some pain points. Note that this kind of content can turn your readers into real customers effectively. After all, the main aim for them to check your words is to seek for the solutions to their issues, thus, they may already have the “buying” emotion in the mind.

Once your readers believe that your products or services can help them overcome their problems effectively, you can entice them to make a purchase or download a freebie at least.

Turn Post Readers into Paying Customers with Object-Oriented Content

Tip No.3 – Solve the Puzzle of Your Potential Customers

Generally, your audience might have below confusions after checking the introductions of your selling items.

  • Which version, model, color scheme or size is suitable for me?
  • Can I get the cheaper price elsewhere or can I get some discounts?
  • Is this platform a secure one? Will my personal identity and bank account be kept safe after placing an order?
  • Is this service or product the best one? Can I find any better option?
  • And many others……

Now, you need to deal with these puzzles with the best answers. In this following, we have listed some topics you can write to deal with the above-mentioned confusions.

  • Version A vs Version B for Newbies.
  • Why Is the Service Expensive?
  • How Can We Ensure the Most Worry-Free Online Deal using SSL?
  • 5 Reasons as Why You Should Try Our Product.

As researched online, 79% of readers will become the paying customers if you can resolve their puzzles perfectly. In this case, you can start doing a survey via your website or social platforms to figure out what people want to know the most for your products.

Tip No.4 – Encourage the Purchase on Emotions

This might be a little bit irrational and crazy, but the truth is that most purchasing decisions we make, especially for women, are driven based on the emotional factors. It is true that you might have a reasonable idea of what you want actually along with the maximum budget. But sometimes, the sudden momentum can win over the logic thinking. What you need to do is to stimulate this kind of momentum.

For instance, you can use some rhetorical questions with the strong mood to evoke the positive emotions for your readers. You can showcase the before-and-after comparison chart or image to tell your readers what they can be benefited after purchasing your offerings. You can display the call-to-action button that encourages people to make a click whenever they want.

In addition, most people will make the impulsive shopping after knowing that they can get the money back guarantee which is 100% no reason asked. In this case, you can showcase a special banner just like the below screenshot on your blog posts. Once your readers are interested in what you offer, but hesitate to buy or not, this kind of banner will give them a great push.

Money Back Guarantee Banner

Tip No.5 – Remove All the Distractions

This is a common mistake made by a lot of webmasters. They simply put a lot of call-to-actions on a single blog post or webpage, such as the advertising banners, widgets for social media platforms, badges, outbound and in-site links and many more. Here, you have to know that if you ask your readers to do multiple different things, they are likely to do none of them.

In this case, if your goal is to encourage your readers to become the paying customers, you need to focus on this aim and make it as clear as possible to your visitors.

The famous hosting review site of HowsHosting has done a great job in this aspect. Their initial goal is to introduce the best hosting solutions for different webmasters and encourage them to make a purchase. To achieve the initial purpose, they have done the below efforts on the homepage.

  • The obvious advertising banner showcased in the header section encouraging you to sign up with BlueHost.
  • A list of the top 5 web hosts along with the Visit button.
  • The brief comparison chart of the top 5 hosting providers.
  • Showcase the Hosting category into the main menu bar.

HowsHost Homepage

Looking at their homepage, you can find that everything is related to the purchase of the quality web hosts without even a minor distraction.

Tip No.6 – Create A Sense of Urgent

In fact, this is an effective way to encourage some hesitant readers to make a purchase right now. Generally, if something is on sale, many people will believe that the price must be the best and this chance is only available for an every short time. In this case, most of them will place an order immediately in a fear of missing out.

In this case, you can incorporate a sense of urgent into your blog content. For instance, you can provide some seasonal services and products or some time-limited promotional deals and coupons. Even, you can sell some items that coming with the limited edition.

Tip No.7 – Showcase Some In-Content Testimonials

Customers are likely to read the feedbacks and reviews of many other users, from which they can figure out whether the products is worth buying or not. Therefore, you can showcase some written testimonials into your website, giving your readers more confidence in becoming your paying customers.


Tip No.8 – Do Not Overuse These Strategies

You know that the purpose of your blog posts is to sell and market, but you cannot make this goal too much obvious for your readers. After all, being overly promotional may destroy your online credibility and alienate your current visitors.

Always bear in mind that people are likely to make the online deal from someone they trust. Thus, you need to try your best to make yourself trustworthy by offering valuable and meaningful information to strengthen your position in a specific niche.


Joyce is a professional writer & SEOer who loves trying new things and sharing the experience through blogging. She loves clean design, playing with different WordPress themes, SEO, etc. Very often, you could find her in various WordPress event as invited speakers.