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How to Turn Off Comments in WordPress?

How to Turn Off Comments in WordPress?

Turn Off CommentsWordPress sites allow comment on pages and posts by default. However, you might sometimes want to turn off comments, as some posts that are pretty old and not relevant anymore, to prevent controversial or irrelevant comments for specific pages / posts, or just prevent spamming on the old posts, and more reasons.

No matter what reason you have, the methods are the same. In this tutorial, we just show you how to turn off WordPress comment in pages and posts. With the careful steps and detailed illustrations, even WordPress newbies and non-technicians can complete the operation with ease.

In general, you can use a plugin to turn comments off or disable comments manually. We introduce both methods in detail as below.

Benefits of Disabling Comments in WordPress

The idea of not having comment section puzzles up the mind of various owners because comments play a vital role in the search engine optimization (SEO) of the website. However, there is a big collection of individuals, groups and organizations that don’t want to have a comment section.

The primary reason behind the preference is the increasing amount of spam through comments. Statistics highlights that there are tremendous numbers of WordPress websites that get affected dangerously by comment spam and fail to recover completely due to loss of information.

Therefore, the prevention of comments section in a WordPress site is the preference of those website owners who rate security over SEO. Apart from it, disabling the comment section prevents the scope of receiving comments and, hence, the notifications. This factor is applicable in case of websites or blogs having a tremendous amount of posts because these websites receive dozens of comments on a regular basis.

Turn Off Comments Manually

By default, WordPress gives users the ability to disable or enable comments on the pages and posts. The operation is easy, just as the following.

Log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings -> Discussion, and you can see a series of Discussion Settings like the below one, where you can turn comments off by unchecking the checkbox of Allow people to post comments on new articles. By this way, you disable the comments site widely. In addition, you can also configure who can post comments, how to display comments, or break comments into pages, and so on.

discussion settings

Turn Off Comments With No Comment Page Plugin

WordPress is powerful for the plugin architecture which allows users and developers to extend the functionality beyond the core installation. So, to turn off WordPress comments easily, you can utilize a helpful plugin, such as No Comment Page.

No Comment Page is a free and suitable WordPress plugin designed for disabling comments by default on new pages and custom post types. It still gives users the ability to independently set them on a page or post.

Firstly, log into your WordPress Dashboard and install the plugin (you can follow this guide if you are confused about the process). Then, go to Settings -> No Page Comment, you can see the following screenshot.

no page comment plugin

Here, you are able to disable comments and trackbacks on new posts, pages, media, products, and more. In addition, you are also available to modify all current posts and pages for comments.

modify all current posts


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