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Tumblr VS Twitter - The Right Platform to Build a Social Networking Blog

Tumblr VS Twitter – The Right Platform to Build a Social Networking Blog

Writing blogs on social media becomes an important part of people’s daily life, no matter for personal reasons or business uses. Among all social networking, Tumblr and Twitter are top ones coming into mind when choosing to build a social networking blog. However, managing two accounts at the same time is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, our editors write Tumblr VS Twitter to analyze them thoroughly to help readers make a choice between them.


Established in 2007, Tumblr is a micro-blog tool that enables users to create multimedia and many other contents in short-form. Till now, there are over 130 million blogs lie in the platform, and according to authoritative magazines, Tumblr is one of the top 15 websites in U.S.

Pros – Simple, Easy-to-use & Free

There are some undeniable highlights in Tumblr compared with other social networking, and the biggest and most eye-catching one is its simplicity. Setting up an account just needs several minutes and posting content is also extremely easy, even a kid can do this. Users can post various contents on Tumblr including video, text, image, sound, and links from mobile devices or desktop.

Easy-to-useBesides, the tool is very easy-to-use for it allows users to create a presence as well as community on the social platform in a quick way. With the using of search features and search options such as live search results, search suggestions, email, as well as email address, searching and sharing related content to your product is just a piece of cake.

Another have-to-mention highlight of Tumblr is that the tool is totally free! In this way, users don’t need to shoulder any financial burden while get benefits from the platform.

Cons – Formatting Control & No Self-host

Of course, Tumblr is not perfect, and there are two obvious drawbacks – format control and no self-host. The platform gives users limited control around format and addon options, which box up users in a set circle and hinder the expression of creation. The other downside of Tumblr is that it is not able to self-host, which means if the platform goes down, so does your website.


Twitter is one of the most popular micro-blogging social media service online, which is built in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. All users can express his or her ideas through Tweet text box within 140-character message. To analyze the software thoroughly, we dig its pros and cons in every aspect and list them in below.


Pros – Simple, Popular & Secure

Just like Tumblr, Twitter is also welcomed for simplicity with easy creating process that enables to write and send a Tweet within a minute. Another eye-catching feature of Twitter is that the platform owns massive users, which means you can always get followers no matter how small your business is.

Thanks to its popularity, Twitter generates more than 15,000 retweets that help to promote brand fame. Besides, this social media claims to be the most micro blog platform ever by utilizing secured connection HTPS to the login page.

Cons – Limitation, Advertise & Not Visual Based

ConsTwitter formulates many rules that limit people’s creation with the platform. For example, every user is only allowed to tweet less than 1,000 per day, and every tweet should have 140 characters at most. Besides, any user is not allowed to follow more than 1,000 people every day. To be honest, the practice causes inconvenient user experiences.

Apart from limitations, putting advertisements on Twitter is another concern of all Twitter users. Of course, the tool allows for promoted profile and tweets, but the premise is that you need to be admitted by Twitter before using promotion features. What’s more, Twitter is mostly text-based, which means sharing images will not get the expected effects.


After reading the introduction about Tumblr and Twitter in regard to their merits and demerits, we do believe that readers have had a clear impression of them. In fact, if you intend to build a microblog based on photos and attract youngsters, then, Tumblr is a better choice. However, if you prefer text-based microblog, undoubtedly, Twitter is created for you.


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