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Tumblr VS Blogger – In-depth Blogging Platform Comparison

Tumblr VS Blogger – In-depth Blogging Platform Comparison

Blog has become the most popular platform for people who enjoy sharing their daily life on the Internet. Since there are numerous blogging platforms in the industry, readers may be confused about which one is suitable for developing their blogs. In this post, we make an in-depth comparison between Tumblr and Blogger, which are two of the most outstanding blogging building tools in the field.

Tumblr vs BloggerTumblr is a micro blogging platform, designed for the webmasters who need to have an easy-to-handle and small size blog. All the content posted on Tumblr are allowed to be simple and clear, less than 140 characters.

Blogger is a blog-publishing service enabling users to post whatever they want on this platform, like long form articles, big size images and videos. All the sites are hosted as a sub-domain of blogspot.com. Besides, one user can have up to 100 accounts on average.

Both are Free for Users

For some people who have a serious limitation on the site building budget, those two platforms are the best options, because they are free to all the users. Both options include multiple free themes and plugins. However, if you have higher demand on the web page layout and looking, Tumblr also offers many premium paid themes and plugins to you, priced at $19 – $49.

Tumblr VS Blogger – Dashboard Interface

As a light blogging platform, Tumblr has an intuitive interface, on which the web content mainly consists of short messages and middle-size images. On the bottom of each post, 4 options are displayed there, including Notes, Reply, Reblog and Like. You are able to content the posted content, forward the blog or like this post. In this case, bloggers can communicate with other people easily and share all the interesting things with them.

Tumblr Blogger interface

Before creating a new blog, there are 7 elegant templates available to Blogger users to help you design an attractive blog with a premium background. Unlike Tumblr, Blogger are more likely an individual website, and it is more suitable for publishing some long form articles. Besides, all the posts are sorted by a particular year so that visitors and webmasters can search for a post with ease.

Tumblr VS Blogger – Social Networking

In fact, Tumblr itself is a social network. If you have other sites, you are able to share the web content with your Tumblr followers. Thus, it is a good method for people who have already had a website and need to increase the traffic with the help of other social media.

As a Google based blogging platform, you can directly sign up the Blogger with Gmail account. Additionally, Blogger is connected to Google+ seamlessly, so you can share the blog with other people via Google+. Besides, there are several other social networks related to Blogger, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Tumblr VS Blogger – Usability

usabilityTumblr users are allowed to schedule their post time based on their own needs, which means you are able to pre-publish the posts and set up the publishing in a certain time. To help people control their blog appearance effortless, Tumblr enables its users to edit the theme HTML coding. And also, bloggers are able to add tags on each post, so that they can search a certain topic via the tags.

Blogger enables users to edit the link in compose mode rather than HTML format, which is suitable for the people lacking professional knowledge on HTML code editing. Besides, with the vertical re-sizing of post editor, the web content size is saved in per-user and per-blog preference. Furthermore, its new toolbar features Google aesthetics, stunning loading time and “undo” & “redo” buttons. In a word, this platform is rich-featured and user-friendly.

Summary – Which is the Better Option?

Based on the brief introduction and detailed comparison on those two blogging platforms, we can find that Tumblr is a good choice if you need a micro blog while blogger is nice for personal blogs. If you are looking for building an individual blog coming with themes, plugins and multiple social networks, you’d better be the fan of WordPress. It is widely used to build an individual site with large scale and have a higher demand on the site building platform.


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