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Tumblr Review – Should You Start Blog on Tumblr?

Tumblr Review – Should You Start Blog on Tumblr?

Tumblr is a site building platform especially for micro-blogging, owned by Yahoo. It provides bloggers with a broad space to share photos, cooking recipe, funny gif and many other trivial affairs. This powerful platform lets people showcase all about their life on a free blog.

However, some readers still have no idea whether they should start their blogs on this service. In this post, we make an all-sided Tumblr review, from which people can get the detailed information about its history, target customers, features, usability and blog management.

About Tumblr

about tumblrFounded in 2007, Tumblr has served over 180 million blogs in the world. Till now, more than 80 billion posts have been published on this platform. It is mainly designed for the people who lack blogging experience and just need a small-sized or individual blog. With a large group of customers worldwide, Tumblr keeps growing rapidly. More and more people think highly of it and create their blogs with this outstanding blogging service.

Intuitive Dashboard

Tumblr has an intuitive dashboard, on which customers are able to post anything they want to share with others in different forms, including photo, text, music, links, quotes, live chat, audios and videos. Note that the text should be brief and short. If you are interested in some posts, you are allowed to reblog or like this publishing content.

tumblr dashboard

On the bottom of each post, you can view the interactions via the “Notes”, which displays who reblog and like your post. In addition, on the right column of the dashboard, it showcases how many post you have published & liked and how many blog you follow and find. Besides, it also displays the most popular post on the bottom right.


With such a straightforward dashboard, customers can handle Tumblr without any professional blogging skills and they are able to post any content just with a few clicks. Besides, it has the ability to help users schedule and pre-post the web content so that they can publish the posts on the optimum time.

What’s more, customers are allowed to add tags to each post. In this case, visitors are able to find what they are searching for with the tag. The superiority of this service is that it enables people to customize the themes, layout or colors by editing HTML coding as well as use a custom domain name.

Numerous Premium Themes

Tumblr provides bloggers with a large quantity of elegant themes. Only a few themes are free and most of them are priced from $9 to $49. All the themes are divided into 7 categories including Single column, Two-column, Grid, Good for text, Minimal, Multiple Layout and High Res.

tumblr premium themes

Based on the blogging purpose or style, you can select the best suitable theme to beautify your blog. For example, if you need to build a video blog, you can choose the Vacant, Penman, VHX or some other themes perfect for video. For some people prefer to put many photos or images on the blog, theme that consists of photo album is the best option.

Social Networking

Tumblr itself is a social networking, allowing people to share any content from other sites. For some webmasters are running a business website, they can make full use of this blogging platform to popularize their products. It is a great method to promote your other sites and engage more visitors. Learn the tips about how to embed Tumblr button on a WordPress site.

Furthermore, Tumblr develops a partnership with Tweeter and Facebook. Thus, when you display something on the Tumblr, the content can also be viewed by your Tweet and Facebook followers.

Security & Support

tumblr securityTo make sure that customers can develop their blogs in a secure environment, Tumblr allows them to report the spam and security problems to their staffs by sending an email to [email protected] Whatever the issues, the professional technicians guarantee to provide you with a valid solution promptly.


According to this in-depth review, Tumblr is a good option for the people who wish to create a micro-blog with the purpose of publishing short-form text or sharing some enjoyable things with others. However, if you are planning to build an individual blog or business website to fully control over your site and make money through it, you need a self-hosted site platform, like WordPress.

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