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Transfer WordPress to a New Host or Renewal?

Transfer WordPress to a New Host or Renewal?

Transfer WordPressWhen the WordPress hosting account is about to expire, many people are frustrating that whether transferring to a new host or renewal the existing account. Even some people want to transfer their site, but hesitate to the complex migrating process. Actually, with our real experience, we support moving WordPress site to a new host. We explain the reasons and introduce the simple migrating steps to help you below.

Why Transfer To New WordPress Hosting?

There are many reasons lead to the transfer. Some people do this because of problems such as the frequent downtimes, slow speed, long loading time, hacks, attacks or other security issues, and many more. Some people to this just because they find the web hosts alluring them with low price at first, but actually coming with terrible services and poor support. Even some people just don’t like the existing web hosts.

In addition, the price is a crucial factor. In general, web hosts attract customers with low price, but note that, the price is only valid for the first billing term. When coming to renewal, the renewal price is unreasonable expensive, even two times or more expensive than the initial price. Besides, most of the excellent web hosting companies don’t provide any renewal discounts or coupons to the existing users. In this case, signing up a new account on another WordPress hosting company, you are available to the discounted price which only works for the new customer in the first billing cycle.

Maybe you have some other reasons, but they don’t really matter. Overall, one thousand people have one thousand reasons, or even more, but for all these reasons, you can solve them easily by transferring to a new WordPress hosting provider.

Which WordPress Hosting Is Trust Worthy?

Once decided to transfer, you will face an essential problem – Which WordPress hosting to go. No matter how, we cannot transfer to a scam company. We should move to a better hosting, with affordable price, excellent services, solid performance, and professional support. To choose a really trust worthy WordPress hosting provider, you can learn about some effective tips, or you can read some justice reviews from professional editors and customers.

Based on our real experience, we personally recommend BlueHost – one of the most reliable WordPress hosting providers with more than 15 years development. It provides the best WordPress hosting service starting at $2.95/mo affordably, 63% off the regular price and coming with free features as free domain name, Google AdWords credits and more. At present, it is proudly serving more than 2 million customers with over 99.5% customer satisfaction rate.

How To Transfer WordPress Site To A New Host?

As some users are confused to the complex migrating process, we come out this simple tutorial, with which you can finish the transfer with the following 4 steps.

As the process to transfer website, restore important databases, and get every software installations and configurations, it may take several hours before your site is fully functioning again. However, we suggest you don’t cancel your existing WordPress hosting account before the move is complete. If you inform the old web host before transferring, your site may encounter downtimes as well as complete loss of files and databases.

Backup & Download Your WordPress Sites

At first, you need to backup your site files. There are two ways you can make it. One is via cPanel, and the other is through WordPress admin panel directly.

  1. If you use cPanel, log into your cPanel account, and confirm the settings. Its control panel pages are labeled “Backup” which contains all tools to backup the main “public_html” folder of a site. Users are can get a help in the MySQL databases backup.
  2. Access to the “Download Backups” and find the cPanel administration page.
  3. As cPanel breaking down the valid backup types, there is a full-site backup available here which you can select so that all files can be download at once.

However, if you want to backup your site through WordPress dashboard, it’s also easy to manage.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel, and go to Tools -> Export.
  2. You will be linked to the Export Page on which you are able to choose something that you need to export. Select the “All Content” option which contains all of your website content.
  3. Click the “Download Export File” button and store the file on your local computer.

Transfer WordPress To the New Host

Once backed up, you can start to move. You can log into the new hosting cPanel account and upload the full website backup files downloaded before. Or you can Import the backup files through WordPress admin panel as well. This step is the reverse process of the previous step, only it happens on the new WordPress account. So we don’t introduce too much.

The information about password, username and MySQL database permissions are not included in the backup. In this case, you need to enter them manually.

Switch To the New Name Servers

At present, you site has been moved. However, your domain name still points to the old server. So this step you can simply show files and data on the new server for the new host.

Log into the domain name registration control panel and replace the current DNS information with the new name servers for the new host.

Note that this operation will work within 12 to 24 hours, and websites can function well during this time. But keep in mind do not post or doing any change before the process is complete, or the content of the website may be lost.


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