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How to Track WordPress User Engagement with Google Analytics

How to Track WordPress User Engagement with Google Analytics

Do you know the situation of user engagement of your WordPress site? This is one of the most important aspects for the planning of growth of your site, alongside the organic traffic, daily pageviews and overall conversion rate. The user engagement mainly shows what your visitors have done when landing on your website. In this case, you can easily identify and figure out the most highly engaged behavior of your readers so as to optimize your site accordingly. In the following, we’d like to introduce the steps of how to track WordPress user engagement with Google Analytics.

Track User Engagement using Google Analytics

In fact, the admin panel of Google Analytics gives you all the needed data and information to learn the user engagement of your site. You just need to log in with your Google account and check the following aspects.

Website Bounce Rate

Previously, we have already told you how to reduce the bounce rate of your site. In fact, this is a percentage of visitors who leave from the first page checking on your site without the action of further exploring. In the common cases, it would be better for you to reduce the bounce rate as low as possible so that readers can get more chances to learn your content. In this case, if you find a high bounce rate, it means there is something wrong that prevents people from truly exploring your site.

To track the bounce rate, you simply need to go to the Audience tab of your Google Analytics admin and click the Overview button.

Bounce Rate Overview

In addition, you can click the Acquisition > All Traffic button. From the Channels tab, you can know the exact bounce rate based on different traffic channels. Also, to check according to the traffic source, you should navigate to the Source/Medium tab.

All Traffic Channels

This way, you can know where you can get the most traffic so as to pay much attention to the promotion of the target platforms.

Time Spent On Your Site

Based on the report of HubSpot, half of the common visitors will spend up to 15 seconds on a website. In this case, if you find that people leave your page or post too quickly, it would be hard for you to convey your thoughts or sell them something.

To track the time spent on your site, you simply need to click the Audience tab and go to the Overview section. From the Behavior > Bounce Rate column, you can check the average time of view per post.

Bounce Rate Column

In addition, Google Analytics can show the data based on some other aspects.

  • From the main admin, you can see the average session duration of your whole site.
  • Navigate to the Source/Medium section to know the average duration based on traffic source.

Frankly speaking, with these statistics, you can know which posts and pages can engage with your visitors the most. Thus, you can better promote those pages and optimize others accordingly. In addition, while knowing people from which source will interact with you for a long time, you can better adjust your promotion plan.

Average Pages Each Visit

This is a super critical metric for user engagement. After all, the more pages your audiences visit, the more impression they can get so as to lead to the better traffic and revenue. Especially, if your website is an e-commerce one, you should pay attention to this point. After all, if customers check more pages, the chances for them to buy more things are higher.

To track this metric, you just need to click the Audience > Overview section. From the dashboard, the data is clear in the Pages/Sessions block.

Google Analytics Pages/Sessions

This is the general information. If you need the detailed one, you can go to the All Traffic > Channels section to learn people coming from where are more likely to view more pages on your site.

Returning Customers or Visitors

Generally, the returning visitors can be viewed as the best visitors of your site. After all, only when you love and like what you offer, will they come back again. And this means they are more likely to engage with your contents. To track this point, you can hit the Audience > Behavior button. Here, you can find the percentage of the new visitors and returning visitors.

Returning Customers

Engagement Rate of Your Audiences

This metric looks similar to the time spent on your site. However, you can get more detailed information, such as how long of your audiences to stay on your website. To track it, you should enter the Audience > Behavior tab to check the Engagement data.

Engagement Rate

The Combination of the MonsterInsights Plugin

This is a great Google Analytics WordPress plugin, making the analytics easy and time-saving. With it, you can effortlessly see how people find and use your site, so you can try your best to keep them coming back.

Before using it, you need to authenticate your site with your Google account by clicking the authentication link. Then, you should follow the steps mentioned on the popup.

MonsterInsights Authentication

This way, you can get the report from your WordPress admin directly. And also, you can set up for something such as the engagement, demographics, link attribution, file downloads, affiliate links, ads and many more.

MonsterInsights Settings


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