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Beginner's Guide to Track Social Metrics in WordPress

Beginner’s Guide to Track Social Metrics in WordPress

Social media marketing is one of the key methods to boost website traffic thereby promoting business. An analysis of social media data makes it clear on the popularity of all activities happening on the social networking platform, like conversions, read, engagement, etc.

If you get confused about how to track social metrics and what to measure, search for a solution from this guide. That briefs you on the main social metrics should be in concern and recommends a tool to lend you a hand.

Main Social Medial Metrics That Really Matter

Main Social MetricsIt is not wise to be in a rush for quick results, and that makes you track social media metrics blindly. Before everything, know fairly well on what metrics you should care about so as to set a clear social marketing goal. Refer to the following tips and get to know the main metrics that really matter.

Preference of visitors – Track the preference of all visitors and cater to their wishes. Keep an eye on which posts get much applause or which products come with a great volume of sales. Accordingly, promote something with great popularity and try to improve the unacceptable web content. Besides, a collection of feedbacks or reviews can also be useful metrics to understand how visitors think about your brand.

Audience growth rate – Check the number of your social media followers frequently and calculate the audience growth rate. Figure out when your social media gets the highest growth rate and which events bring about such momentum.

Time on site & bounce rate – Be clear about how long visitors stay on your social media on average and calculate the bounce rate. Note that, high bounce rate indicates that your social media is not attractive to visitors. Pay close attention to such metrics and try every mean to reduce bounce rate.

Having had a rough idea about what metrics to track, you should get started to carry out your plan by means of a social metrics tracking tool. The selected method is True Social Metrics. In addition to the main metrics mentioned above, this online tracking service enables more possibilities for you.

Track Social Metrics Using True Social Metrics

Access to TrueSocialMetrics.com and sign up a new account with your frequently-used email. Here, we start our social metrics tracking with the 30-days free trial. Once entering all personal information as required, a message with a confirmation link is sent to the email address that you’ve used to sign up this new account. Click “Verify My Email” and you are redirected to the Metric Dashboard automatically.

Verify True Social Metrics Account

An array of social networking platforms are available for you to make a decision, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on. Besides, you are also allowed to track metrics of your blog. That allows you to connect one or more social media accounts as needed. Here, we are going to track the social metrics of our Google+ account.

All Social Media Accounts

Click “Google+” link and enter the “Connect Google+” page. Copy & paste your Google+ account ID, which should be the URL of the Google+ profile page. Since everything gets ready, start analyzing this account.

Connect Goolge Plus Account

It will take a few seconds to analyze all social metrics. The result should be as the following example. The Posts, Comments, Shares and Favorites are the activities on the current social media, which indicate the popularity of all social media content and the preference of your visitors .

Social Metrics Result

  • Conversation rate – It indicates the average number of conversations for each post. For Google+, the conversation is a reply to a post. The higher the rate is, the more absorbing your posts are.
  • Amplification rate – It indicates the number of reshared posts. For other social media, that would be retweets and repins.
  • Applause rate – It indicates how many times visitors click the likes (Twitter), favorites (Facebook), plusses (Google+), or some other social buttons to show their praise.
  • Economic value – It indicates the benefits that this social media account brings to you.

The other social media accounts can be tracked in the same manner. For some readers also running a blog, we would like to explain the way to track metrics in a blog as well. That is just like the way to analyze a website with Google Analytics. Click “Blog” link and access to the “Connect Blog” page as below. Enter your blog URL or RSS, and then click “Analyze”.

By the way, the True Social Metrics also enables an easy manner to compare your social metrics with competitors. Move to Competitors tab and add new competitor. Type a unique account name & category name for this competitor and select a country & industry as needed. Click “Save” button and get started to track social metrics of this competitors by following the step-by-step guide mentioned above.

Create Competitor Account

Switch the account to your own and move to Competitors tab. Expand the competitors list and select your competitor. The competitive analysis will be displayed in a comparison table as below.

COmpetitive Analysis Table

In fact, there are more advanced features included in True Social Metrics paid version. If you are satisfied with this online tracking tool, go and purchase it for more possibilities.


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