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The Top Rated WordPress Login and Registration Plugins

The Top Rated WordPress Login and Registration Plugins

There are lots of login and registration plugins on WordPress and thus the reason you should be cautious in choosing the best for your site. You should also ensure that you are at the forefront of the developments on the WordPress site. There are differences on the plugins and thus the user should choose wisely to get the one that suits their needs as well as that of their readers/viewers. The WordPress Login and Registration Plugins have different functionality and are customized differently to give the user great view. Below are the most commonly used WordPress login and registration plugins.

zM Ajax Plugin Login and Register

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/zm-ajax-login-register/

This is a simple to use plugin that allows you to create a page for login and registration. With this tool, you can create a special page, custom your logo, and use [ajax_login] shortcode to create a login on that page and then [ajax_register] to create a registration channel on the same page.

You then can move to Settings and assign the register and login mode boxes, as well as a URL that redirects your viewers. The viewers only need to click login or register that can redirect them to a single page where they can enter their details. After the login, these people can be redirected to another page, for instance, the welcome page or the dashboard.

It is also possible to include registering with social sites using zM Ajax plugin.

zm ajax

Front End Registration and Login Forms Plugin

Plugin URL: https://pippinsplugins.com/front-end-registration-and-login-forms-plugins/

This is a great plugin that storms from creating front end registration. It is also a result of login forms and the creation of passwords using shortcodes. The plugin works with a special widget that is a form to change the password, as well as a functional shortcode to enable you create a login and registration channel for your viewers.

This plugin allows the forms to have great functionality of WordPress. Also, there are lots of themes that integrate with the forms to give it a great look. You can choose a theme from the choice of five colors.

There are both the login and the registration forms on the plugin, along with some others for changing password, widgets and shortcodes for different purposes.

Other features include data validation, codes that work effectively, plugin settings option and error messages.

front end

Custom Registration and Login

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/s8-custom-login-and-registration/

This is an elegantly built plugin that integrates with your WordPress sites perfectly to ensure that both you and your visitors do not see the default WordPress login and registration channel.

A widget is provided to give direction to your viewers who are yet to log into the form. The widget also assists you to add content and reset forgotten password. You can apply the following shortcodes whenever there is a need to add a special registration and login page on your site.

[s8-login-form], [s8-registration-form] , and [s8-forgot-form] .

You may be required to change the default WordPress permalinks to use more pretty ones that lure visitors.


Ajax Login and Registration Plugin

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/login-with-ajax/

This option is among the greatest WordPress login and registration plugins online. It is mostly fitting for sites that are required to avoid normal WordPress logins, and allows you to have a special login section on the sidebar of the site through a widget.

It has the reset and the retain option for password that allows you to keep the password safe. With Ajax, you can also customize the redirections after both logging in and logging out.

There are both login and registration forms offered by this Ajax plugin, and you have the option of setting the login and registration page in many languages depending on your target visitors. Note that this option integrates well with WordPress and is SSL compatible.

with ajax

Profile Builder

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/profile-builder/

This plugin has great functionalities that allow you to customize the login and registration of your website the way you want. It is easy to register new readers and to change the user profile of existing visitors. The visitors also have the right to customize their profiles and modify these according to their taste. You can use some shortcodes of whenever you want to edit your profile. Some powerful shortcode options are listed in the following.

  • wppb-edit-profile gives your visitors the right to edit their profiles.
  • wppb-login adds the login area.
  • wppb-register adds the registration form.
  • wppb-recover-password is for password recovery and resetting form.

There is also a Profile Builder Pro version that is an improvement of the basic profile builder to include features like Checkbox, Timezone selection, Upload fields, Country Selects and Radio buttons among others.

profile builder

WP Security Question

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-security-questions/

WP Security Question is a WordPress login and registration plugin, helping your users better control their account. With the security question feature added, this plugin is helpful when your users forget their password. In the meantime, it can better protect users from hackers who feel difficult to break security question shield.

Frankly speaking, you have no need to purchase the pro version. It is enough for you to achieve the goal with the free version.

WP Security Question


Plugin URL: https://wpforms.com/

WPForms makes it easy to create contact form, payment form, login form, registration form, and others. Through the intuitive drag & drop WordPress form builder, basic forms will be created in minutes without the need to write any code. Thus WPForms is a great start though some others give you more customization options on layout and appearance.

Since this plugin is optimized for hosting performance, it will not slow down your website. Also, it attaches a great importance to the user-friendliness on mobile devices. Therefore, visitors from mobile devices can also become the followers of your WordPress website.


Social Login for WordPress

Plugin URL: https://codecanyon.net/item/social-login-for-wordpress/5495446?ref=yuzuruishikawa

The name has shown the uniqueness to users, connecting social media to your WordPress website. There are some instances when your users are bothered to register for a new account and remember the password.

Social Login for WordPress brings their convenience to use their existing social account, such as, Twitter and Facebook. During the process, users can skip the steps to create a new account. When there are new users from social account, you have access to the profile data.

Social Login for WordPress

WordPress Simple Registration and Login

Plugin URL: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-simple-login-registration-plugin/4356830

This is an easy to install and activate plugin that allows you to create logins and registrations, as well as editing profiles and recovering passwords. It is lightweight and SEO friendly, making use of the simple shortcodes and allowing you to achieve your goals effortlessly for the customization of WordPress login and registration channels.

simple registration


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