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Top Tips to Streamline WordPress for Better User Experience

Top Tips to Streamline WordPress for Better User Experience

The sure-shot way to make sure that your website gains in popularity is to provide a good user experience. People do not be deterred from visiting your website again, for they know that your site is worth reading. Streamlining your WordPress website can make the content efficient and purpose-driven. This can attract more visitors to the website. Readers should be able to find what they’re looking for easily, without getting lost through all the pages. If your website is not streamlined, it may lose web traffic.

Here are some tips to streamline WordPress website and give the visitors a better user experience.

Focus on Simplicity

simplifyKeep the design of your website clean and simple. Don’t add unnecessary information on your webpages. Divide the information properly so that each page has only what is related to the main topic. Don’t try to do everything at once.

Use Effective Navigation

You need to make sure that your readers can easily navigate through the pages and know where they are. Add a navigation bar and display the list of categories in the sidebar. Provide a search box so that readers can search for a topic rather than go through all the links to reach it. If possible also have an archives page.

You can use WordPress Custom Menus feature to arrange the pages of your website as well as name them. Use breadcrumbs plugins that help your visitors know where they have reached on your site and help them navigate the way forward or back.

Have a Starting Point on Homepage

This is usually taken as the homepage of your website. The homepage is the most visited page of your website and has to be the one that makes a good first impression for the readers. Most search engine results link to the homepage. It has to look good aesthetically and contain a summary of what your website has to offer. This summary should be clear and to the point, highlighting the best features of your website in a feature box.

Make Textual Content Look Good

People easily get off while reading a text in a boring old font. Only having the correct content is not enough. Imagine having all the text on your website in size 12 Times New Roman. It would be very monotonous. WordPress allows you the liberty to get creative on this front. Style the text by giving it different sizes, fonts and colors. You can even emphasize important points presented in the middle of a paragraph this way.

text layout

Use Categories

Divide the posts of your website into different categories. This can make it easier to classify your content. Readers can find it much better to get to the posts they are looking for or just go through all the posts related to that category.

Make Clear Distinguishing

Make sure that visitors can distinguish between the different types of content on the page. Generally, one page on your website might have many elements. It can have the main content, title, sidebar, search box, and navigation links, etc. You have to make sure that the readers can easily distinguish between each of them. This can be done by using different colors, styling, fonts and backgrounds for each element.

Remove Broken Links

When you keep updating your website with new content all the time, you may end up with some broken links. Whenever a reader clicks on such links, they may get a ‘404 Not Found’ error message. To avoid this problem, you can install any broken link plugin available for WordPress. The plugin can detect such links and get rid of them.

Use Tabs

tabsSuppose you have a very lengthy topic to post with sub-topics in it. Instead of having a very long webpage, you can write the main topic on the webpage and have the sub-topics arranged in tabs. In this way, the readers can have a clear view of all the sub-topics covered and do not have to scroll endlessly through the page.

Have a Faster Loading Speed

The user experience is degraded if a webpage doesn’t load fast enough. There are many things you can do to improve the loading speed.

  • Use a CDN (content delivery network). Through this way, all the heavy elements including HD videos and images of your website can be hosted and delivered to the readers using a third party with the best efficiency.
  • Have a cache plugin installed for your website
  • Have only the necessary plugins installed. Any plugins whose features are not used should be removed.
  • Make sure that you optimize your images before posting them. Don’t post the images on your website in any format and size. You should have uniformity among all such media. If an image is too large, you should cut it down in size.


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