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Top 5 Tips on A Successful Social Media Integration with Your Blog

Top 5 Tips on A Successful Social Media Integration with Your Blog

Social media have turned out to be one of the most powerful tools in growing a blog. Bloggers have been using social media to drive traffic to their sites that have marketed them and their products to millions of people. Growing your site on social media is easy, unlike other methods. Also, social media integration is easy and can be achieved through simple day-to-day tasks on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

Now, the question is how to achieve successful social media integration for your blog site. The following tips can definitely help you a lot.

Why Integrate Your Site with Social Media?

It is easier to find a blog that has been linked to social media, which results in a high number of readers. On social media, readers can share your content with their friends widening the scope to which your posts spread.

The exposure and attention that your blog gets on social media can lead to your blog growing more. A high number of followers or fans on social media are a social proof for your popularity and website quality.

Note that the backlinks from social media are great for every site as they up the search engine ranking of the site effectively. Social media can be a platform for readers to discuss and critique your content, and thus you can better what you provide.

Join As Many Quality Social Media As You Can

There are many social media platforms that you can use online. You need to select some that go with your content to ensure you get traffic that is quality and nature.

You can try out a number of social media sites and see which ones work and which do not. The most popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ among others. Sharing your content on many social media platforms widens your audience and gets you more traffic.

Maximize the use of every site through various features enabled in it to build your reputation.

Social Media

Add Social Media Buttons on Your Site

This is a great social media integration tip. It is a great way to invite your readers to see your blog activities on your blog and to call them to share your content on social media.

It is easy to have the buttons on your site as all the platforms give you a shortcode you can use to integrate the sharing buttons. While you add, the buttons ensure that they are visible to the readers and have been displayed well.

Ensure that you include all the social media buttons for the sites you have joined to widen the audience.

Be Available on Social Media

If you need to benefit from social media, you have to avail yourself there. Always ensure that you update your social media profile, keep updating your readers on what to expect and catering to issues raised by your readers on social media. It is important that you follow the discussions going on in social media about your content and replay to comments by your readers to motivate them.

Direct your focus mainly on the social sites that work well for you and socialize with your readers via these platforms. You can also socialize with other bloggers on the same niche as you by commenting on their social media profiles or retweeting their content.

Allow Your Readers to Login with Facebook

FacebookFacebook being the most popular site and you can bet that most of your readers have joined the site. It can thus be implied that a good percentage of your traffic comes from Facebook among other social networks.

Allowing your readers to login with Facebook directly from your webpage gives them the convenience and ensures they come back for more. This can be down easily by adding Facebook share button. It will be easy for visitors to share your content with friends and grow your audience. You can also decide to use social media comment systems.

Offer Like, Share and Follow Buttons

Your readers are carrying out different practices when visiting your site or social profiles. While some people want just to follow you, others like sharing and liking your content. Having the three options all comes handy for the high number of visitors to your site.

It is important that you encourage your readers to take actions at the end of every post. Reminding them to share, like or follow you on social media gets you great following and makes you achieve social media integration fast. Ensure that the buttons are easily seen by your readers and are easy to click.


Whichever social media integration method you use, you have to provide quality content to the readers. You also have to post often in order to keep your audience on your blog with interests. You can get inspirations to post from nature, current trends and other peer blog sites.


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