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Top Rated WordPress Podcast Plugin

Top Rated WordPress Podcast Plugin

Podcast is a digital medium, having been popular on the Internet more than 10 year. It can be displayed in different forms, including audio, PDF, video and ePub files. Many people follow the trend and wish to make their WordPress websites integrate with podcast. The best way to make it realize is installing a podcast plugin.

There are numerous premium plugins provided by WordPress, which are designed for podcasters. However, many readers are loath to take too much time to find a WordPress podcast plugin they want. And now, instead of consuming hours to read many plugin introductions, we recommend the top 8 options for you in the following.

Podcast Player

Podcast Player is a user-friendly plugin designed for podcasting. You can install it and embed this plugin in your website with the shortcodes like [podcast] or [/podcast]. The whole procedure only takes a few minutes, which is time-saving and effortless. Even if at the first time, you can handle it with ease.

Podcast Player

Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Podcast Publisher is a magical podcast publishing system that is suitable for the podcasters who have a serious demand on the podcast. It helps you create podcast feeds and fully controls over the publishing process without a lot of efforts. If you wish to find a professional podcast plugin, this option is the solid choice for you.

podlove podcast publisher

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting, just like its name, is a simple-to-use solution for podcasting, coming with built-in shortcodes, templates and widgets. There is no redundant setting included in it, so you can publish your podcast without being distracted by other elements. If you develop your website in a concise style, you can have a try on this plugin.

seriously simple podcasting

Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress is one of the most popular podcast plugins in this field, offering full support for iTunes, video and audio. You are able to add iTunes podcast feeds to your WordPress website. Besides, you can customize the podcast post types based on your own needs. And now, it has been translated into multiple languages, including English, Danish, French, Simplified Chinese and Italian, to satisfy the maximum needs of people from different countries.



Buzzsprout is used to publish podcast, which fully supports iTunes. You are allowed to upload the iTunes artwork and optimize the descriptions and tags. It promises to provide you with all needed features to publish your podcast. In addition, the podcast migration tool helps you drop the feed URL and take care of the rest.



podPree includes various features to help users publish the podcast, like a series of bug fixes and post type filter. There are also many customizable settings for tag feeds. It supports premium content and separate category podcasts and allows you to preview the images that are set for video. There are two languages available in this plugin, including English and German.


Podcasting Plugin by TSG

Podcasting Plugin by TSG provides users with rich features. It has the ability to add a file that is taken from the web to an iTunes-based feed and completely integrates with any enclosures on your WordPress site. With this powerful plugin, your visitors can view the podcasting the audio or video player.


Sermon Manager

Sermon Manager is designed to serve churches. For some people running church websites, they can display the sermons in audio and video forms, and let visitors view the sermons vividly. The sermons can be set into various forms, including pdf, .mp3, ppt, doc and many more. You can attach any images to the sermons and make the website more attractive.

Sermon Manager


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