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Top Rated WordPress Order Form Plugin

Top Rated WordPress Order Form Plugin

WordPress order form plugin is designed to make order tracking and management easily and conveniently. Meanwhile, it can also help customers search their order numbers quickly. This kind of plugin is especially suitable for e-commerce or online store websites.

More than 1,000 WordPress plugins out there are used to manage the order form. However, finding a powerful and flexible one seems a litter difficult for some newbies. Here, we recommend the best 10 options in the following to help readers select the most suitable one.

WooCommerce Bulk Order Form

WooCommerce Bulk Order Form is designed for WooCommerce websites, making it easy to create a bulk order form on the web page via [wcbulkorder] shortcode. This plugin is fully customizable and rich-featured, with which users can search a target product with its ID, title or SKU. Webmasters are allowed to customize the number of rows and title for input field column.

WooCommerce Bulk Order Form

Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms is a flexible and professional form builder used to create any kind of forms for WordPress including order form. Whoever you are, a beginner or an expert, this plugin is extremely easy to handle. You can create a simple order form or a complicated one through the intuitive interface. What’s more, it is optimized for mobile devices, which makes it possible for users to install this plugin on their mobile phones.

Breezing Forms

Order Tracking

Order Tracking enables users to add a tracking form on the web page, which helps customers search their orders quickly with the order number. On the admin panel, you can set the order or ticket number, allowing customers to search it with ease. Besides, you are also able to upload a spreadsheet to create orders.

order tracking

Embed Form

Embed Form helps bloggers add a web form on the blogs easily. You can make uses of it to create orders forms, surveys, contact forms or event registration forms to a post. This plugin makes form building a piece of cake because it has an intuitive interface and a drag and drop form builder. Users can handle it without any professional skills.

embed form


Formidable is a user-friendly order form building plugin with a simple drag and drop interface, on which you can construct and customize an order form without making a lot of efforts. This plugin has the ability to store all responses to the database, making it convenient for data retrieval in the future.



WPPizza, as the name suggests, is designed for pizza delivery business as well as appropriate for other kinds of restaurant. It helps the webmasters maintain the sizes, prices and categories of a menu online and make the order management easily. In addition, with this flexible and customizable plugin, your customers are allowed to add additional ingredients as they want to any given item listed on the menu.


Gravity Forms Directory

Gravity Forms Directory is one of the most easy-to-use order form plugins, which is completely shortcode based. The users are allowed to edit the directory listing and only show the approved listings on the web page. Besides, many custom styles are available to customers.

Gravity Forms Directory

Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form is a form plugin coming with dynamically calculated fields and can be used as an order form. It enables users to add a number of calculated fields as they want. In any cases, this plugin can display the calculated results as fast as possible.

Calculated Fields Form

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms integrates with a drag and drop interface, used for creating forms, like contact form, Email collection form as well as order form. With such a powerful and easy-to-use plugin, you can create a complex order form effortless. For developers, they can make full use of numerous hooks and filters to do what they want on the order forms.

ninja forms

WP Order Cart

WP Order Cart is easy to install, with which users can create the online catalogues with multiple custom post types for products. The checkout form and checkout page are used to display order clearly. Users can add the products to a page or a post by using shortcode. The search widgets for price and product make it easier to search detailed information.

WP Order Cart


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