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Top 6 Secrets for WordPress Backup

Top 6 Secrets for WordPress Backup

Frankly speaking, making the full backup is one of the most essential tasks for all the webmasters running the WordPress websites. After all, as compared with many other websites, the sites that are built using WordPress are more likely to be hacked. In this case, even though you have carried out a lot of practices to safeguard your website, you cannot make sure that the site will not be backed in the future. In this case, the backup file is surely important, for it can rescue your hacked site effectively. In the following, we’d like to introduce the top 6 secrets for WordPress backup.

Do the One-Time Backup or Backup Regularly?

Never do the one-time backup for you will update your website constantly. In most cases, you need to do the complete backup for at least once per month. Or, you can consider the backup frequency based on the following situations.

  • If you run a product listing site, photo gallery or a portfolio site, the weekly backup can be enough for most of you.
  • If you receive a lot of daily comments and feedbacks on your active blog, you can consider the daily backup.
  • If you are building a new site or are renovating an existing one, you’d better start a backup whenever you have made a huge modification.

One-Time Backup

Rely On Your Hosting Provider to Take the Backup or Do It Yourself?

Here, we have to admit that almost all the web hosts now offer the nightly backup service for your entire website. In this case, does it mean that you can rely on their backup service without doing this on your own? The answer is definitely Not.

It is possible that your web host only finishes the backup task in a partial manner, without the backup files of your database. If so, you may only get the public_html folder with nothing in it. In this case, you can suffer the huge traffic reduction and lose out on your SEO scores.

In addition, most web hosts will save your backup files on their web servers. Therefore, once the server machines crash, you cannot restore your site instantly. Even, if you want to download these files on your local computer, you may need to pay some money.

As for the backup for WordPress site, the process is not difficult now. After all, there are a lot of WordPress backup plugins available to help you do this automatically.

Backup On Your Own

Start the Partial Backup or the Full Backup?

This might be a great confusion for many WordPress users. The partial backup also can be called as the incomplete backup. If you choose this type, it means you only take the backup for your website database without the wp_content folder, or just vice versa. The best highlight for doing so is that the backup files are surely small in size. However, these files cannot restore a hacked or a wrecked website.

As for the full backup, this includes both of your database and folders of your WordPress site. By doing so, you can get the complete and the comprehensive backup files. However, the downside is that if the site has a large number of uploads, the backup file can be naturally large and the backup process may take you some time.

In this case, when choosing between the partial backup and the full backup, you can consider the following situations.

  • If you update your site using the new blog posts on a daily basis, you need to take the full backup.
  • If you upload the new posts on a weekly or even the monthly basis, you can consider the daily partial backup for your database.

Partial Backup or the Full Backup

Store Your Backup Files in the Local Computer or Not?

In fact, most webmasters choose to store their backup files on the local computer only. As computer will save the data in the hard disk, there might be the unknown failure happened on this device at some points of time.

In this case, the choice of local backup only may not be a wise selection. Here, we highly recommend you to consider the cloud storage as well. This way, you can have your valuable files and important data saved and stored safely.

Cloud Storage

Choose to Backup before Update or Not?

Surely, you have to backup your site before any update, both the minor one and the major one. After all, you do not know whether the updated version of WordPress, themes and plugins have any conflict issue with each other.

However, most people forget this step before they update the script of WordPress. Especially, since the version 3.5, WordPress has a built-in feature of the automatic update. Due to the achieved convenience, you may pass the backup process unintentionally.

Backup before Update

Is Backup Necessary for Newbies or Professionals?

No matter you are just getting started or you are confident enough that you won’t take your site down, you have to start the regular backup for your site.

For newbies, it is true that your new site has less value for people to hack. However, you may take a long time to adjust the whole site and make the frequent changes. In this case, to prevent the data loss, the backup process is necessary.

For WordPress professionals, it is true that you know everything about WordPress and every part of your site. However, you will never know when and where the hackers will intrude your site. In this case, having the backup files stored can at least give you a sense of worry-free.


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