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Top 5 WordPress SMTP Plugins for Email Security

Top 5 WordPress SMTP Plugins for Email Security

This is not a hidden fact that nowadays there are a lot of cyber crimes that are increasing every minute. This leads to the pilfering of some confidential documents that are residing in the website or email.

Keeping this in mind, WordPress has plugins for your information security. These plugins are highly competent and are great for keeping secret documents or personal mails absolutely safe and secure. Now with these plugins, you no more need to worry about hacking as they use SMTP instead of PHP for reconfiguring your pages.

In the following, we have listed some top WordPress SMTP plugins offering a very high level of email security.


This plugin reconfigures your wp_mail() function to utilize STMP instead of mail(), and forms an option page to manage and monitor all the settings. Through settings page, you can even specify different options. For instance, you can state email address for outgoing mails ensuring security. You can even send mails either by PHP or SMTP’s mail() function, and specify one SMTP host that defaults to a local host or specify an SMTP port that defaults to 25.

This WordPress plugin also allows you to specify an SMTP username and password, and to add an SMTP authentication that is not present by default. Also, you can choose an SSL encryption that is different from STARTTLS.

With so many security options, you can create a highly personalized and secure page ensuring that only those people whom you want can have an access.

The Utilization Details

To use this plugin, you simply need to enter its settings page by clicking the Settings > WP Mail SMTP button. Here, you should enter the From Email and From Name, choose the Mailer service and decide the return path.

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

Here, you can select among 4 options – Gmail, Mailgun, SendGrid and Custom SMPT.

  • Gmail – provide the client ID, client secret and the authorized redirect URL.
  • Mailgun – enter the private API key and the domain name.
  • SendGrid – enter the API key.
  • Custom SMTP – provide the SMTP host and SMTP port, choose the encryption and decide the authentication.

After finishing the settings, you’d better send a test email.

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Through Easy WP SMTP, you can very easily send all outgoing emails using your preferred SMTP server, and configure your emails directly from your WordPress blog. This makes sure that your emails do not land into the spam or junk folder of recipients. The plugin also allows you to use Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail’s SMTP server if you have the account of them.

There are many settings that are easy to implement within it. From the general settings, you can add a “from email address” and a “from name”. This sets the email address through which you send mails, and your name can be displayed as per your settings in the recipient’s inbox.

You can also select your SMTP host, SMTP port and set SMTP authentication, with a view to further strengthening your security by adding username and password.

The Typical Plugin Features

  • Send your email messages via a SMTP server.
  • Choose among multiple SMTP server providers.
  • Connect your WordPress sites with your selected mail server for the handling of all the outgoing emails.
  • The emails can be delivered to your recipients surely with the safest way.
  • The optional choice to enable the debug logging.
  • Specify the reply-to email address.


The Utilization Steps

Here, you should follow the below simple steps.

  • Install and activate the plugin properly.
  • Enter the plugin settings page to enter the email address and name.
  • Provide the information of SMTP host, type of encryption, SMTP port and SMTP authentication.
  • Offer the username and password used to login to your mail server.

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Through this plugin, you can send emails through SMTP instead of PHP mail() function. You can add the settings page to your dashboard in order to configure and modify your settings. This plugin is very easy to use and install, offering so many configuration options used for security. You can activate it simply from the “Plugins” menu in WordPress admin panel after the successful downloading and installation.

The examples given on the settings page are of great help, with which you can utilize them by clicking the corresponding icon to view. You can even set “from” field and SMTP host. However, if this field is left blank, then your wp_mail() function cannot be reconfigured.

In one word, this is a very nice plugin that caters all your security needs with the utmost efficiency.


This plugin supports the services providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Live.com, 163.com and qq.com. No matter which option you choose, you should provide your name, email address, SMTP host information and mail server login authentication.

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Easy SMTP Mail

With this plugin, you can send emails to your preferred SMTP server from your WordPress blog. The settings page is added to your dashboard so that all the emails can be configured directly. The general settings have several option, with which you can add a “From email address” for your email address, making things obvious and easy for sending email to your users. You can also modify the “From name” options and specify your own name that you want to get reflected in your recipient’s inbox.

This plugin allows you to set your own SMTP host for outgoing mail server and the SMTP port that can be utilized to relay outbound email to your server. To enforce a greater security, you can also add an SMTP authentication with a strong username and a complicated password.

There is no big difference between this plugin and the above mentioned options. However, if you use Gmail SMTP server with this plugin, you should set the below setting details.

  • SMTP Host – mail.gmail.com
  • Port – 465
  • Authentication – username and password of your Gmail account
  • SSL – turn it on


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Cimy Swift SMTP

This WordPress plugin is 100% compatible with Gmail, and allows you to send emails via SMTP. It is especially designed for those who want to replace a hosting server with a PHP default function to their own SMTP servers.

It supports encryption methods such as TLS/SSL/STARTTLS, and makes use of the swift mailer engine. Besides, this plugin has a great documentation and can be localized, so you can use it in multiple languages like Italian, German, French, Brazilian, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Polish, Spanish and several more.

In addition, this plugin is very easy to install and manage. The settings page is simply and can be understood easily. With so many configuration options within the panel, you can increase the level of your website and email security to a large extent.

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