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Top 5 Web Hosting Review Sites Which Can Help You Find a Reliable WordPress Host?(Sponsor Post)
Top 5 Web Hosting Review Sites Which Can Help You Find a Reliable WordPress Host?(Sponsor Post) 5 5

Top 5 Web Hosting Review Sites Which Can Help You Find a Reliable WordPress Host?(Sponsor Post)

WordPress is common used by global customers, including bloggers, designers, developers, communities and businesses. However, choosing a suitable WordPress host is not easy as there are hundreds of thousands of similar choices.

In order to find a truly reliable web host, you have to learn about the company reputation, price, features, control panel, compatibility, performance, technical support, and customer satisfaction rate. In below, we introduce them in detail.

Standards for Choosing a WordPress Web Host


  1. WordPress Compatibility. WordPress is a light-weight script based on PHP and MySQL. It can run on most of the web hosting services but only works well on optimized environment. So when selecting a web host, you need to make sure its service is 100% compatible with the software.
  2. Price. WordPress web hosting services have large differences in the price, ranging from a few to tens of dollars. Don’t be tempted by cheap and even free services, and you get what you pay for at last. Taking both feature and price into consideration, and you can select the most cost-effective one at last. If you are seriously budget-limited, just find some deals and coupons over the Internet.
  3. Features. The feature is important to your website. When choosing a service, you should make sure it includes some necessary features for WordPress, such as the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, suPHP, Custom PHP.ini, SSH, Custom Cron Jobs, and so on. Only with full features, you can easily build up a powerful website.
  4. control panel

  5. Control Panel. It is essential for website management. Usually, cPanel is the most popular and user-friendly control panel worldwide. With an intuitive and graphical interface, you are simple to handle the domains, databases, websites, emails, and everything about your website. On the contrary, you may be confused to handle these with the control panel you aren’t familiar.
  6. Performance. The web hosting performance determines your website performance and business. If the server is slow or down frequently, your website cannot have a fast page loading speed as well as good conversation rate. When picking the web host, you can check out its uptime and server response time statistics and make sure it performs at least 99.9% online and responds within 0.5 second.
  7. Technical Support. You need to find a web host with superb technical support so that you can get instant and effective when having problems. Generally, a web host with 24×7 professional support through phone, live chat and email is a good choice to rely. In addition, you can check out its online help center.
  8. Customer satisfaction rate. No one understands a service better than the real customers. Learning about the advices and reviews from real customers, you can know the company objectively and thoroughly.

Top 5 Web Hosting Review Sites

Top 5 Web Hosting Review SitesBased on the above standards, you can easily pick up a reliable host for WordPress websites. However, it’s not easy for common customers to get a right evaluation on the above standards.

Instead of evaluating and reviewing the service by yourself, you can make things easy by reading about some expert’s reviews, which is particular effective for customers who don’t have professional knowledge or rich hosting experience. With the complete introductions and thorough analyses, you can learn about a web host completely and easily pick up a suitable service.

In the following, we list the top 5 web hosting review sites in the field, which are highlighted for professional and comprehensive web hosting reviews.

  • WhatsWP.com
  • It is a professional web hosting review website that specializes for WordPress hosting service only. It is mainly designed for finding trusted WordPress host based on the independent review and ratings. As well, it also introduces some operating tutorials, beautiful themes, powerful plugins, and aims to help customers with all kinds of WordPress questions.

  • BestHostingSearch
  • It is a reputed website which aims at helping people find the best hosting deals based on verified customers’ reviews. So far, it has collected more than 4200 hosting reviews from verified customers and come out a customer satisfaction rate chart for each web host, which indicates how customer are satisfied with the companies’ server, including the overall service, reliability, control panel and technical support.

    In addition, the site also monitors the uptime and server response time of web hosts. You can easily check out their real time statistics in the past 30 days.

  • HowsHosting.com
  • It is designed for helping customers find the best web hosting deal based on the unbiased hosting review in 360 angles. The editors are web developers, SEOers, and technical writers, all of whom are experienced for web hosting services and with 8+ years of experience in the field. They reveal the highlights and secrets of a web hosting service and sort out a series of best web hosting collections.

  • PHPMatters.com
  • It is a specialized website designed for help find a reliable WordPress host in 5 minutes. To help readers get a right evaluation on the WordPress hosting speed, reliability and security, they come out a simple formula to help readers pick up a trusted WordPress host with ease.

  • TheHosting.review
  • The site reveals the web hosting secrets and coupons to help you find a web host in 5 minutes. After reviewing 100+ famous hosting services independently, it comes out a list of top 5 cost-effective web hosting plans. Besides, it also works out a series of web host reviews and awards.


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