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Top 5 Video Blogging Tips for Bloggers

Top 5 Video Blogging Tips for Bloggers

As traditional blogging process – texting is not as much appealing as before, webmasters are seeking new ways to promote their websites. Video blogging becomes one of the best channels after practicing for a long time. However, making use of this channel perfectly needs many skills. Today, our editors carefully and objectively summarized 5 best ways to make your video blogging attractive and outstanding.

Write Before Speaking

WriteIt is more than appropriate to compare making a video tape to delivering a speech. Thus, take it serious and write a draft before facing the camera. You can write every detail down or just a list of important points. No matter what method you choose, bear it in mind that do not speak nonsense and keep logical. Besides, you can also write down some funny jokes or humorous expressions. These little paragraphs can make your video interesting and colorful.

Encourage Viewers to share Your Video

We all know that high sharing rate tends to bring more visitors. Thus, encouraging your viewers to share your video becomes an essential task. To achieve this, you need to have good content which means your speech needs to be interesting, entertaining or informative.

Besides, let readers to comment on your post. Then, provide multiple formats for your video content which give people choices to choose one that matches their blogs. Last but not least, make it easy for readers to share your video to famous social networking such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. You can achieve this by embedding share buttons released by these websites.

Body Language and Facial Expression

Nobody wants listen to the speech of stiffness person. Thus, use your body language in an appropriate time but not too often. Proper usage of body language makes the speech trustworthy and funny. For example, when you talk about how to play with pencil, you take a pencil out and show-how. In addition to body language, facial expression is also essential.

Body LanguageFirstly, you need to keep smile in the beginning. Smile makes your audiences relax and make you look genial. Only in this atmosphere do people have interests to go on watching. The next is to change your expressions according to the content. That is to say, when you say something that is sad, you need to look sad and vice versa. When you say something strange, you can have odd expressions or even make faces. In this way, audience feels like you are their friends and just around them.

Embed Video

Remember this: embed the video in your post rather than a link. Put the video directly in your post can not only offer convenience for viewers but also enrich your website content. The link takes visitors to video sharing sites where exists numerous temptations when they click it. Once exposed to better or more interesting ones, they will never come back again.

Therefore, in order to maintain your readers or viewers, you’d better embed video in your post instead of a link. If you are not familiar with the process, just follow this guide for detailed steps.

Eye-Catching Title and Video Summary

Title is the first thing comes to people’s eyes as well as mind. A good title makes one curious and wants to figure out what is happening next. However, a bad one drives people away. Thus, take care of title and spend some time to get an appealing one that suits your content.

Besides, a video summary is also important. It helps netizens know what you are going to talk about and have a general knowledge about your content. Moreover, a summary helps one recall what he or she has listened.


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