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While you may not always appear at the top of Google for every keyword, but you will have good chances of making it to the top using several keyword variations. If you follow good practice on how to advertise on Google, you can eventually attract thousands of potential customers to our website with the passage of time.

Banners on the Display Network

The Google Display Network is a network of sites that provide advertising space for advertisers. These advertising sites are analyzed by Google. Once approved, these sites display ads from advertisers like you. Compared to TV ads, the display network is very cheap. Today, this network impacts 90% of the world’s internet users meaning that your target audience is definitely covered by the display network.

TO advertise on the Display Network, you can use banners, widgets, and text. For example, if you have a sporting goods store, you can place one of your banners in blogs and websites on the network dedicated to football, basketball, volleyball and similar sports. This is an efficient way to attract customers that are within your real target.

Please note that there are other well-known display networks besides Google, which include Taboola, Apple Advertising, mMedia, and Adknowledge, among others.

Remarketing & Retargeting Online Strategy

Remarketing or retargeting your customers is a very useful strategy for those who have an online store. It helps by re-capturing those users who were already on your page, and for some reason left without making a purchase.

Using specific social media marketing tools, you can continue to show your ads to those consumers whenever they visit Google or browse the Internet. The goal is to persuade these consumers to come back to your store to make a purchase.

You can do remarketing through Google Ads or hire a specialized tool, such as AdRoll, Leadbolt, Perfect Audience, among others. Most banner display networks, suggested in the previous section, also offer retargeting capabilities.

Internet Marketing Course

If you’re a good writer who can create a course on anything productive, there are network marketing channels to propel yourself to higher ranks than you can imagine. During the initial days of the Internet, it was common for marketers to create a great internet marketing course or write an excellent course on their favorite topic only to bakeoff because they couldn’t promote it.

Amazon was the first company that created channels to sell small e-books, but these e-books sold for a mere penny due to a lot of competition in the Amazon e-book business. The lack of income from the source was a big disappointment for writers and internet marketers who did not get any publicity even after spending countless hours writing and editing a great piece of content.

Luckily, network marketing websites like Udemy and Coursera pioneered the idea of allowing anyone, who can create great content or videos on a subject, the opportunity to make money online. Nowadays, tons of Internet marketing course are sold on Udemy some as high as a couple of hundred dollars. Accordingly, writers and content creators are exposed to millions of potential buyers who visit these and similar websites on a daily basis.

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