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Top 5 Online Monetization Signs

Top 5 Online Monetization Signs

As investigated, more and more people now choose to make money online using their personal websites, for this kind of monetization triggers a high profit with low risk and investment. However, not all the webmasters can achieve the financial goals successfully as they fail to monetize their websites in a good time.

Therefore, if you are willing to earn your living or get some pocket money via the internet, you’d better make sure that your site has all the components that your potential sponsors or customers are looking for.

In the following, we have listed the top 5 online monetization signs, with which you can know clearly when you can make money via your website.

Good Traffic

Without doubt, whether you decide to make money through advertisement, affiliate program, or net sales, the prerequisite is that your website has a good traffic every day. If you fail to achieve this, there is little or even no value for advertisers, merchants, and manufacturers to spend time and energy on your website.

Therefore, you need to keep track of the detailed statistics about your site traffic and traffic source. Once you have gotten a good result of more than 500 visits, then it’s time to start your online career.

Here, we highly recommend Google Analytics – a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows you to know everything about your site from all referrers like search engines, social platforms, direct visits, and referring sites.

Google Analytics

Right Audience

Target the right audience is very essential. If you are going to build an online store selling cosmetics and some skin care products, you’d better make sure that the majority of your visitors are female or young people.

In fact, there is no tool to help you figure out whether your readers are the ones you want, but you can get some indications from your comment section. If you get a highly active reader base that actively comment on your posts, discuss with you, and share your content within their own social groups, then it means you have gotten what you want.


High Internet Exposure

There is no need to emphasize the importance of online visibility, and you can achieve this by leveraging the power of popular social media like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, etc. If you have a large number of followers of at least one platform, then your chances to be exposed on the Internet increases much higher. This results in more revenue and earnings.

Let’s take Google Plus as an example. To have a good follower base, you need to complete your profile in the very beginning to give people a sense of humanity, along with the personal information like education, physical location, working place, and a head portrait.

google plus profile

Then, find people and add them to your circle. Generally, they will follow you back if they feel your posts are interesting or meaningful.

search people

Generally, people are more interested in eye-catching FIG picture, useful tutorials, and attractive teaser content. Therefore, you’d better publish these kinds of contents and relate them with your website.

Besides, if you have seen something now and unique, you’d better share, +1, and comment on these posts to stay active, and earn potential followers.

share post

Authority and Professionalism

Once your readers have built a tight mental link between your website and the niche you are in, then they will come to your site whenever they need some certain information. To be honest, this kind of authority and professionalism can be a huge attraction for advertisers and investors, for it indicates a solid daily traffic and online popularity.

To achieve this, you can showcase your expertise by posting some high professional articles. Also, you can strive to build a close relationship with some popular websites that are in the same field as you.

High Ranking

The last sign is that you have a high ranking in the searching list result. There is a common sense that people are more willing to click on the posts that are ranked on the top 3 in the first searching page. Thus, the ranking of your webpages can never be ignored. There are so many methods to help you achieve this, among which the correct utilization of keyword is the most effective way.


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