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The Top 5 Feedburner Alternatives for Your WordPress

The Top 5 Feedburner Alternatives for Your WordPress

Feedburner has been launched in 2004 as an RSS service to all bloggers. It has quickly become the best RSS service that all bloggers want to use. It provides an analysis on the traffic, emails to the RSS service and also has in-built support for monetizing the user feeds through Google Adsense. In 2007, Feedburner has been purchased by Google. This service is still topped as the best RSS service over the internet for most of the years, but Google does not prioritize it.

For this, people are out to seek a Feedburner alternative. For such people, they have met with a hard choice in choosing another RSS service since there are other many services that have been launched. Here, we have selected the top five Feedburner alternatives for the user to choose amongst them.


FeedCat is one of the best feed boosting services that are available for free to the potential users. It can deliver content to the public in a user-friendly manner. FeedCat also provides a button that offers so many subscription offers. For example, it can be used in displaying the volume of unique readers who have streamed in over the last week.

This alternative also can track the views of a certain page, the number of visits made and the people who have subscribed to the feed. Feeds that have been boosted by FeedCat have valid XML syntax.

The best thing about FeedCat is that it provides a chart of the historical statistics about the user’s feed. The chart helps the users monitor the growth or decline of the subscriber account. FeedCat has many more functions. It can reduce the load on the server used by the user and also can be used as a public catalog for ATOM feeds, and RSS feeds.



RapidFeeds provides two services: FeedManager and FeedEmbed. The FeedEmbed service allows the users to convert RSS into HTML. The FeedManager service enables the users to manage the RSS feeds. FeedManager has a user population of more than 200,000 publishers. It brags of having so many features that include advanced statistics. Also, it automatically tweets the new RSS updates, supports iTunes for podcasting, offers password protection for the RSS feeds and also offers branded feed URLs.

RapidFeeds is not available for free. The users have to purchase it to receive its services. The prices are highly competitive. The basic package, which allows a maximum of three feeds, has a monthly fee of $4.49. The Premium, or Pro, package allows up to a maximum of seven feeds and has a monthly fee of $6.95.

It also has another package that is called the Enterprise package that has no limit as to the number of feeds it allows, and is available for a cost of $13.95 monthly. A 15-day trial is offered for all packages as a way to try them out before purchasing them.



Feedity enables the users to create RSS feeds from any website page available on the internet. It also has an iTunes support for podcasts. Feedity has a basic package that is worth $6 a month. It allows the users a maximum of 25 items in each feed for 20 feeds. The content is delivered within 4-hours intervals.

A free trial is also provided to the users in order to evaluate the services. For a free trial, the users are allowed 10 items in each feed for a total of five feeds within a delivery time interval of 24 hours.


Jetpack by WordPress

Jetpack by WordPress avails a subscription module that allows the subscribers to get updates when a fresh post has been published on the owner’s blog. It enables the subscribers to get the updates when new comments have been laid out in a blog post. Due to its integration with WordPress, Jetpack can also integrate with the social networks and provides automatic posting to social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

It has a special feature known as “After the Deadline” that is a grammatical error and style checker. This helps improve the quality of posts. The best thing is that its responsive layout even extends to the mobile devices as it has a mobile theme that automatically streamlines the site to the visitor’s mobile devices.

jetpack by wordpress


Subcribe2 enables the users to send updates to the subscribers via email. The users have full control on the email template, and thus have a choice of the time interval on which to release the email updates. It can be every hour, twice each day, once per day or even weekly. This all depends on the users. These email addresses are visible in the admin area. The user can edit the list of subscribers by either adding or removing the subscribers.



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