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Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Websites

Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Websites

With the immense flourish of Internet, the number of portfolio websites grows rapidly and uninterruptedly. This means the competition in this field has become more and more fierce, and people may feel harder to win readers than ever before.

In order to deal with this plight easily, you’d better spend some time and energy on the overall design before creating the website. After all, having an attractive appearance is one of the most effective methods to pick people’s attention.

In the following, we have listed some of the most popular WordPress portfolio websites, with which you can gain some design inspirations for well-structured layouts, fashion styles, color selections, and module placements.


This website is owned by Alexey Abramov – an experienced graphic designer who is living in Moscow and has a lot of working partners all over the world. He integrates his site with a tilt-shift photo background, light colors, a unique font, and easy-to-use navigation system. The overall feeling of Alexarts is simple, energetic, and eye-catching.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Alexarts

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Mathew Helme

This is another quality portfolio website that sticks to simplicity. The site owners – Mat Helme – is an illustrator and web designer in this niche, and has being working as a design teacher at Treehouse. The whole website is composed by a plain white background, some large personal photographs and project showcase images, which allows readers to find what they want easily without losing around tons of content.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Mathew Helme

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Leo Tartari

Leonardo Tartari is a professional designer who were born and raised at Porto Alegre, Brazil. The climb down of his portfolio site is long, coming with some light colors and full-width images with great attraction. To make this website humane, Leo simply introduces himself in the home page with a head portrait featuring high definition and introductory words with beautiful typo.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Leo Tartari

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35mm Design

This website is a good example for those who want highlight their core contents. The webmaster- Steve Scavo – simply gives up the common homepage design, but inserts the most important content into the background to save people extra clicks or touches. When readers load into the site, they can see what Steve wants them see at the first sight.

WordPress Portfolio Website - 35mm Design

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Hello Monday

Hello Monday features a full-width image with some flashing effects. All the other contents of images and words are also animated. To give people a sense of refreshment, the website owner rarely includes textual content into the homepage, but only uses some attractive photographs.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Hello Monday

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Becky Murphy

The webmaster names as Becky who is living in Austin, Texas working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and writer. She features this website with a Pinterest-similar design. The whole site is composed with some grid-based images, coming with a white background.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Becky Murphy

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Nidhi Chanani

This website is pretty cute and child-preferred. All of the images and colors adopted by the Nidhi are colorful and energetic. Besides, the overall design and layout is very standard, which is suitable for beginners building a portfolio site for the first time.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Nidhi Chanani

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This portfolio site gives people a sense of nature and peace, coming with scattered brushes, pink flowers, and green background color. It seems like the studio of a professional artist, which can arouse people’s interest to read the content effectively.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Weberica

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Julien Renvoye

This website is designed by Julien Renvoye and developed by Anthony Aubertin. These 2 designers include a flashy effect into the site. When people put their mouse on a specific image, this image will be enlarged automatically to induce people clicking on it. Besides, the black background color can highlight the central content to the largest extent.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Julien Renvoye

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Daniel Gutierrez

Featuring a neat full-width picture display section, a clear navigation bar with unique symbols, a charming color scheme, and a cute kitten in the header, this portfolio website can be a standard example for people to build their sites.

WordPress Portfolio Website - Daniel Gutierrez

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Some Other Options

All of these websites listed in above can give you a lot of inspirations for website design. However, if you feel difficult or time-consuming to design on your own, simply leave this take to some award-winning WordPress theme designers like Elegant Themes, Mojo Themes, and ThemeForest. In the following, we have listed some good examples for your consideration.


WordPress Portfolio Themes - Vertex


WordPress Portfolio Themes - Gleam


WordPress Portfolio Themes - Envisioned


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