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Top 10 Premium Family WordPress Themes

Top 10 Premium Family WordPress Themes

At present, more and more people are willing to set up a WordPress website to record their family life, such as the wedding event, baby birthday, relatives gathering, neighborhoods picnic, and many more. After all, due to the tremendous development of Internet, this method brings huge convenience, and can help you share and preserve your valuable data with ease.

As the overall design plays a vital role on the success and failure of your website, we have listed the top 10 quality family WordPress themes in the following.

#1: Sky

Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/sky/

The overall feeling of this theme is vivacity and sweet, which is undoubtedly suitable for recording your happy life with friends and family. Featuring light colors of blue, white, and orange, Sky is sure to give your readers the piece in mind. Besides, with the unique homepage operation, people can check out your content seamlessly using ajax.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Sky

#2: Memoir

Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/memoir/

Just as the name suggests, Memoir is pretty suited to keep and share your precious memory to people on the web. Its background is about a beautiful twilight in the rural area, helping you recall everything happened easily. Besides, its overall design is very simply, but still comes with some unique characters and styles.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Memoir

#3: Family Center

Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/50612.html

As a stunning grid-based WordPress theme, Family Center can help you tell your story in the most effective and strategic way. With the cute background, this theme is very suited for kid related website with an artistic looking.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Family Center

#4: Family Blog

Website: http://familywp.com/

Family Blog is a premium responsive theme built with aesthetics and simplicity in mind. Dedicated to setting up a family website, this theme provides an elegant way to showcase the family photos and share family stories with all family members or the rest of the world. It is compatible with all the WordPress versions newer than 4.0, and the customization is super easy for everyone.

Family Blog provides many features you may want. For example, you can create a unique profile for each of your family members. Besides, there are galleries and icons to use when you share a story in a WordPress post, which makes your content rich and interesting.

This theme costs $44 for a regular license which includes future updates and 6-month professional support.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Family Blog

#5: Kids Center

Website: http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/49284.html

This is another quality family related WordPress theme. The overall layout is simply, but some subtle details and textures are designed carefully with unique style. This theme also utilizes some light colors of blue and white, so your content can be displayed in the most obvious way. Besides, Kids Center is integrated with video function, so you can take some videos for important events, and upload them to your website.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Kids Center

#6: Family

Website: http://themehall.com/family-minimalist-responsive-wordpress-theme

This theme has a full-width image showcase section, which allows you to display your best timing effectively. Besides, with the logo area, you can name your site without any hassle. The biggest feature of BlackRiders is that you can keep a tight relationship with your readers, for there is a contact form and a subscribe form by default.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Family

#7: MomBlog

Website: http://www.themesjunction.com/theme/momblog_wordpress_template-21165.html

MomBlog is perfectly designed with the full width slider, 3 column feature area, and tagline feature. With it, you can show the photographs of your daily life on the front page featuring any desired sizes, and place a short description on the right side to induce people clicking on that image for further information. Note that this theme is totally responsive, being able to showcase your content perfectly at any devices.

Best Family WordPress Theme - MomBlog

#8: Family Summer Holiday

Website: http://www.themesjunction.com/theme/family_summer_holiday_wordpress_template-19375.html

This is a fully responsive WordPress theme that can adjust the display automatically on desktop, iPad, and mobile. It comes with a nice slider on the home page, along with the inbuilt Themes Options Panel. The design is very simple, and the layout is pretty organized, so all your content can be showed in the most effective way.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Family Summer Holiday

#9: My baby

Website: https://www.wphub.com/themes/my-baby/category/blog/

My Baby is a well-designed WordPress theme, coming with the completely responsive nature, gallery and contact us page template, AJAX based options panel, improved Zoombox, and many more. Its main display area allows you to upload both images and textual content at one time. Thus, you can showcase one of the best timings of your family event, and in the meanwhile, introduce it with the descriptive words.

Best Family WordPress Theme - My Baby

#10: Healthy Living

Website: https://www.wphub.com/themes/healthy-living/category/blog/

This is a clean WordPress theme coming with a gird-based layout. Each of your post is featuring a thumbnail image that is display on the front page, so people can know clearly what happened to you simply by viewing these featured images and reading the brief introduction. Note that this theme is retina reading, featuring 8 post formats, unlimited colors, default social sharing buttons, and footer widget area.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Healthy Living

#11: Indigo

Website: http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/indigo-flat-multi-purpose-business-theme/?r=lovinger2000

This is a kid oriented WordPress theme as the overall style is childish. Coming with the colorful background and cute logos, Indigo is very suitable to record the growing of your baby. Besides, with 30 custom shortcodes, flexible grid system, and unlimited color options, the opportunities for customization are unlimited.

Best Family WordPress Theme - Indigo

#12: Nexus

Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/nexus/

Featured with light colors, a bold image showcase section, a lot of custom widgets and content modules, this theme is pretty suitable to women who are striving for the latest trend and fashion unceasingly. Unlike many other WordPress theme, the overall layout of Nexus is casual but not chaotic, with which users can add their content in a different way.

Besides, with the in-built integration with Twitter, Facebook, RRS, and Google Plus, users can promote their websites with ease.


#13: Glow

Website: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/glow/

This WordPress theme comes with a bright color and flash design, with which users can present their content in an eye-catching way, thus pique readers’ attention easily. It is worth noting that this theme comes with 4 color schemes, allowing users to choose one that suits their needs best by utilizing the latest advanced ePanel Theme Options page.


#14: Tilala

Website: https://creativemarket.com/pankogut/57185-Tilala-Responsive-Wordpress-Theme

Tilala features a light color background that gives people a sense of peace in mind. The overall design is simple, coming with a lot of details that have been developed carefully. To be honest, it is a good option for women who are wishing to set up a personal blog to share their thoughts, knowledge, and feelings to people all around the world. Besides, this theme has some custom options pages that can be edited via wp-admin with no CSS knowledge required.


#15: Printing Shop

Website: http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/printing-shop-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/

The overall feeling of this WordPress theme is cute and girlish. The theme designers only use some light colors and the cute font. Even the background images are composed of some cartoon pictures. As this theme is mainly developed for online stores, female webmasters can turn it to an e-commerce site selling cosmetics or some small items for girls. With default integration of WooCommerce and the nature of responsiveness, users can do this easily and perfectly.

Printing Shop

#16: Capacity

Website: http://demos.gabfirethemes.com/t-switcher/?theme=capacity

This is a clean and modern WordPress theme that is mainly designed for female users. Featuring with a light-blue color background, Capacity is undoubtedly girl preferred. There are 4 different category layouts available for users to choose, along with 4 built-in header types. Users can select the best match according to their needs and preference with the help of user-friendly control panel. It is very easy and no coding required.


#17: Arts and Culture

Website: http://www.gabfirethemes.com/themes/arts-and-culture/

This is a quality WordPress theme that focuses on simplicity and minimization. Designed for product showcase or image display, this theme comes with a well-structured layout and a responsive design. With it, users can display as many pictures as they want perfectly, even on the smart mobile phones or tablets.

Arts and Culture


Website: http://themeforest.net/item/megamag-a-responsive-blogmagazine-style-theme/3545404

One of the main features of this WordPress theme lies in its image showcase section that comes with a flashy and animated effect. This means you can upload a picture that is as large and complicated as you want as Harrington can display all the details clearly. Some other highlights include an intuitive navigational bar, neat description area, distinct punch line area, in-built default templates, 8 different colors, and many more.


#19: Lookbook

Website: http://graphpaperpress.com/themes/lookbook/

Coming with a full-width image display area, this theme allows users to catch readers’ eyes in the first sight by uploading some appealing picture. The reason why many female webmasters like Woodpecker relies on its simple and modern design, with which users can highlight their core content in an effective and unique way.


#20: Shape

Website: http://teslathemes.com/wp-themes/shape/

This theme is really popular among girls and women due to its large image showcase section. With it, users can give readers a strong first impression if the image they choose is eye-catching and appealing. In addition to the elegant overall design, this theme also comes with many other attractive features that include the full-width slider, in-built contact form, social icons, user-friendly theme option panel, and default custom CSS option.


#21: Chamomile

Website: http://www.bluchic.com/shop/wordpress-themes/chamomile-theme

This is a one page WordPress theme that displays all the core content on the homepage of the website. The climb down is a little bit long, but readers will not be bored or disappointed when they scroll down to the bottom. Sticking with the principle of one page navigation, readers can get the information they want without extra clicks.



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