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Top 10 Golden Rules for Effectively Blog Marketing

Top 10 Golden Rules for Effectively Blog Marketing

With the development of blogging market, building up it with effectively purpose is being more and more significant for bloggers. Therefore, in order to help you market a blog effectively, our editors have compiled top 10 golden rules for you to reference as following.

Highlight your uniqueness

Facing millions of posts on the internet, people may feel tired to check out the information one by one. In this time, a unique topic or content, even a unique design, can make you stand out of thousands of bloggers. That is why we top uniqueness in the list. Once you can write unique content consistently, you can get more attentions than other competitors.

Be updated in time

Once wrote a blog, it was better for you to keep writing and updated it. Because the audience is focus on the content in your blog in anytime, if there have not updated it in time, you might lose these audiences eventually. Besides, if there is some information, which have not updated, it might mislead visitors and sometimes hurt your blogging reputation. So, do not be tempted to leave old messages out there, you may run the risk of confusing the audience with those messages.


Give people a reason to read you

There are hundreds of thousands blog posts have been published each day, how to make sure that your blog is worthy to visit. Therefore, it is needed to give people a reason to read yours. That requests you to write something relevant with the public’s, which makes that blog a high degree of concern and much worth to read. Thus, you can market the blog more effectively by catching more attention on it.

Make comment

Be responsive and appreciative to your audience! Commenting on blogs is an excellent way to create strategic relationships and connect with audience within your niche. However, this is always be overlooked, it still very important to promote a blog.

Make your blog content real

truthIn addition to count the content as a personal favor on the audience, you need to make your content convinced and real. It is better to utilize the real experience, or write something that real happened in daily life, and something all round people’s life. This kind of content will raise echo in audiences’ hearts and catch more attention. Thus, with a meaningful and compelling content will help you to make the blog more popular than before.

No criticism personally

It is free to show your opinion on public, so as the audience. Therefore, if you come up with one opinion, it is common that others can have a different one. That does not mean who is right or who is wrong. It is just different point of view. A good blog may contain thousands of points but no criticism personally. Thus, you had better keep your view more object, and respect others opinion.

Get help on content promotion

Make the content perfect is an effective way to attract audiences’ attention. Furthermore, if you use some promotion skills on the blog, it will be much more helpful. You can use some links to other persons’ blog sites, which may submit the post to Digg, etc. Spilling the duties of promotion into blogs, you can get lots of benefit from it.


Build your own brand is the key of marketing the blog successfully. A good brand is the mark of your blog. Besides, brand building is an ongoing process that should always be a core focus of your business because a powerful brand can support a business through any macro-environmental factor that comes along. Branding value is more effective than any other tools to marketing your blog.


Advertise on your blog

Advertising on your blog is the easiest way to convert the traffic to instant money. You can opt to use some social medias’ advertisement on the blog. Advertise is one of many ways to monetize your blog, and of course the most effective one. Add some advertisement will twice as much as an accomplishment with half the effort.

Make it easy for blog visitor to subscribe

In case of choose the information that visitors wish to subscribe from blog, you’d better to put an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) subscription option at the top of homepage in your blog. That is very important for bloggers. What’s more, it also can quickly catch the visitor’s eye.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.