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Top 10 Common WordPress Mistakes

Top 10 Common WordPress Mistakes

In the past few decades, we have witnessed the prevalence of WordPress, which appeals to millions of users. Presently, it plays an increasingly vital role in building websites for blogging and businesses.

However, it is noteworthy that a great majority of WordPress users actually have no ideas of how to manage their websites correctly and efficiently, even make some evil-able mistakes. In the following, we have summarized top 10 mistakes to help users realize full potential of WordPress and make it better.

1. Using “admin” as user names

This mistake stands out firstly, because it is made frequently and tends to get made. By default, all administrators are assigned with “admin” as the user name, which is created by WordPress.

The key point is that users tend to keep “admin” as user name, which is convenient but poses great threats on the security of your websites. Thus, for the sake of security, if you still use this user name, it should be changed as soon as possible.

2. Keeping “wp-” as the table prefix

It is universally acknowledged that WordPress tables by default are started with “wp-“. That means if users don’t change the table prefix, the Site Option is “wp-options”. This predictable setting is also likely to be hacked.
Being unpredictable is the best way to prevent being hacked. So it is necessary to change the table prefix, which can be done during installation with 2 choices as following.

  • A.Change the table prefix manually in the wp-config.php file.
  • B.Change the table prefix during the auto installation in the form fields.

3. Not creating a WordPress backup regularly

Users are playing with fire if they don’t have a backup for WordPress. It is greatly crucial to back up all the files, including images, posts, categories, tags, themes and the entire database etc. Failing to do the aforementioned backup means tremendous possibility to lose literally everything on the sites.backup

Basically, there are 2 options for users to backup WordPress sites, including server-side backups and plugins.

  • Server-side backups are offered by web hosting providers and can be scheduled every day.
  • Plugins backup important information, and uses PHP to connect with the server.

4. Choosing a poor permalink structure

Permalink refers to permanent links associated with posts and pages in the WordPress site. Typically, they come after in the “/” in the blog folder. By default, the structure of permalink is usually an ID number, which tells nothing to readers and confuses search engine.

In fact, users don’t have to adhere to the default permalink structure. To be specific, users can change the permalinks like “/(category)(postname)/”, which offers information both to readers and search engine.

5. Ignoring WordPress updates

upgradeFor the sake of convenience, users are likely to avoid upgrading their WordPress version. However, without necessary upgrade, the WordPress sites are opened up to security issues. We cannot emphasize the importance too much because outdated WordPress version causes vulnerability.

Actually, WordPress is releasing new updates constantly. Besides, it is very easy to upgrade WordPress with few clicks.

6. Too many categories but not enough tags

Site architecture and organization have great influences on SEO, load times and visitor time. However, WordPress makes it easy for users to create categories. Thus, users tend to make too many categories but not enough tags.

If you are a designer, developer or blogger, take time to evaluate the content and organization of your site. Moreover, try to limit categories and use adequate tags to get clear organization.

7. Neglect the cache

cacheWordPress is a dynamic database driven CMS. That is to say, visitors to the sites urge the server to ask information from the database and create HTML markup. Excellent cache enables users to save the HTML markup. Besides, visitors are capable of skipping the need to go to the database every time, which boosts efficiency and save loading time.

8. Usage of the default favicon

A favicon refers to icons associated with the sites, which is showed in the address bar of browsers. A great majority of WordPress newbies use the favicons coming with the theme. But professional sites demand custom icons.

Besides, the custom icons require easy job. At first, search for a free favicon generator, then create your files and go to the images section of your theme. Finally, use your custom design to replace the default favicon.

9. Improperly changed URL causes loss of traffic

lossThere are users want to switch from one domain name to another. The problem arises when the site URL is mistakenly changed. Because changing the site URL without proper steps brings about considerable drop to the traffic of websites. Therefore, to maintain and maximize traffic of the websites, users had better change the URL with correct steps.

10. Choosing a wrong WordPress host

At present, there are countless WordPress providers attempting to attract your attention. It is quiet easy for newbies to choose a wrong host, which fails to satisfy your requirement.

Based on our real hosting experience and hundreds of real customer reviews, we have advisable recommendations as BlueHost with affordable price at $2.95/mo, 99.9% uptime, 320ms server response time, and 24/7/365 technical support.


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