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Top 10 Best WordPress Websites

Top 10 Best WordPress Websites

As WordPress is well-known as a free blogging tool, most people think it can be only used to build personal blogs, but don’t consider it as a good choice for powerful websites. However, WordPress is also a fully fledged content management system (CMS) for designers and developers, widely used on millions of sites all over the world. As well, here, we pick up the top 10 best WordPress sites to help customers understand the strong capability, incredible power and excellent performance of WordPress.


This is a news site that lists the all the latest advanced events and news happened all around the world. The overall design of this theme is simple with the standard news layout and the simplest color schemes. Generally, readers can find the hot news from the most obvious places once they enter into this website.



Variety.com is entertainment news site showcasing the latest entertaining news and information. Due to its unceasing update and news selection, now it has a huge volume of traffic every day along with a stable number of loyal readers what is increasing unceasingly.



BBA America is presents the best TV shows and originals. This site has multiple WordPress install, and each subsite has its own child theme which is powered by the main framework. With the strong WordPress content management system, it can fully bear more than 2 million unique visitors every month which comes out more than 5 page views as well.

At this site, you can see full of shows, videos, and televisions. Besides, it also integrates with social media plugins, searchable archives, and custom themes.

BBC America


Design The Planet is a marketing agency based on New Orleans. They self-describe themselves as “planetary engineers”, and view each of their client’s brands as a unique “planet”. They choose WordPress to back their site because of the ease of use, strong flexibility and customizability of WordPress.

Design The Planet


This is the blog of Charity Water, which is a non-profit organization bringing clean water to people in developing countries. It mainly describes the projects related to nature. hey reason why it uses WordPress the build the official website is the ease of use and free charge of WordPress.

Charity Water


The Rolling Stones is a famous band in London. This site is formed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of it. The site is a complete discography managed entirely within WordPress and tightly integrated with ITunes. It includes rich performance videos, tour photos, musics, films and other rich resources. Visitors can find out everything about the band on the site.

Rolling Stones


AshWebStudio is a the official website of AshWebStudio web design company. With full of experience and understand on both design and website, they also choose WordPress to build their own quality website, that means WordPress is really excellent on business and web design. As well, the flexibility and customizability is the important factors.



This site represents “How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons” apps. There is news about the new app every week, attracting visitors significantly.

How to Draw App


Best By Mobile is a website powered by WordPress and run by Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the world. Visitors can search the nearest stores around them on the website, or they can purchase a product directly from the online shop on the site.

Best Buy Mobile

These are the top 10 best WordPress sites worldwide, which are a small tip of the iceberg. In deed, WordPress is a free open source and powerful content management systems, based on PHP and MySQL database. Backed by a community WordPress.org where gathers many developers, designers, experts, and users who result our of a vast number of plugins and themes, WordPress site is easy to use, flexible, customizable. So far, it is widely used by over 19% of the top 1 million websites which includes famous business websites, bloggers, music websites, film websites, new websites, and more. Overall, WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system, serving over 60 million websites and more than a quarter of new websites all over the world.


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