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5 Tips to Host Effective WordPress Webinars

5 Tips to Host Effective WordPress Webinars

Launching a webinar has become the popular activity for many webmasters to better promote their website and to engage with audiences. Previously, we have already covered the topic of why and how to start WordPress webinars. Actually, there are a lot of aspects we haven’t mentioned yet, especially when it comes to how to make sure that your webinars bring the good results as you have expected. This time, we’d like to talk about this aspect. In the following, we have listed the top 5 tips to host effective WordPress webinars.

Note that there is no fixed formula to run a 100% successful online webinar. However, the following tips can help you maximize the chances to get the best result.

Tip 1 – Schedule the Webinars In Advance

It is critical to plan ahead no matter you are experienced in starting the webinar or just do it for the first time. After all, you need the enough time to promote your webinar. And your audiences need time to clear their calendars. With the enough preparation time, you can maximize the number of people who can join this online event.

In addition, if you are new to this activity, you need time to learn how to start a webinar in WordPress successfully. Even, you may need to rehearse several times to ensure that all the contents are mentioned properly.

Personally speaking, we recommend you to schedule your webinar at least one week in advance. This way, you can do the following things with enough time.

  • Pick up the proper date and time to start the webinar.
  • Choose the exact talking topic.
  • Prepare for the contents for the webinar.
  • Promote your webinar for enough audience.

Schedule Webinars In Advance

Tip 2 – Attract the Right Audiences

It is true that the more audiences the better. However, we do not mean that you should attract a large number of audiences who do not care what you are saying at all. Instead, you need to attract the engaged audiences, to whom you can convey your ideas easily.

So, who can be your target and right audiences? We have categorized them into the following two groups.

  • People who are interested in your contents.
  • People who are seeking the solution to deal with their issues and confusion.

To attract these people to join your webinar, you can do the below things.

  • Display the registration box for your webinar. If people are interested, they will register for this event.
  • Start the email campaign by sending the newsletter to all your email subscribers.
  • Ask people to share your invitation of the webinar around their own social groups.
  • Share the webinar information on your social media accounts.

Webinars Audiences

Tip 3 – Ensure the Conciseness of the Webinars

One big mistake you may make is to host your webinar for a long time. If your webinar lasts for more than an hour, you may find that many of your audiences start feeling tired and losing the interests on your content before getting your true points.

In this case, you should keep your webinar concise and never test the patience of your audiences. For this, you can outline the main points you want to mention in the webinar. And then, you can estimate how long you may need to convey all of them. If your topic is too broad that may need a long time, you can consider discussing it via several webinars. If your first webinar is engaging and attractive enough, people will likely to go back for your next ones.

Tip 4 – Encourage the Participation

If there is no user participation, there is no difference between your webinar and the common videos. In this case, if you want a successful webinar, you need to encourage people to give you a feedback throughout the whole event. And once they ask you some questions, you need to give them an instant reply, either in a detailed way or a simple way. In this case, your audiences can feel valued to take the time to join your event.

The only drawback is that you may make the webinar drag on for a long time. To avoid it, you can plan ahead to leave enough time for discussing with your audiences. Or, you can open up a special section that answers all the questions after the webinar in your website. If you have a blog or a forum area, you can do this easily.

Webinar Participation

Tip 5 – Start the Promotion Using the CTA Button

If your webinar is about answering the questions of your current readers or users, you can pass this step. However, as most webmasters want to promote something from the webinar, the CTA button is really useful.

Frankly speaking, you get the big chance to market your website or the selling items if you get a large audience base for the current webinar. During the short time, you can display the CTA button below the display screen or in the slider. In this case, if people like what you promote, they will purchase the items or sign up for the service directly.


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