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How to Create Time-Based WordPress Snapshots

How to Create Time-Based WordPress Snapshots

When running a WordPress site for a while, it is possible that you want to go back and check your site sometimes ago. To achieve this, you can create the backup file of your WordPress site surely. But the best option is to generate the website snapshots. With the snapshots, you can recreate your old pages or blog posts. And also, you can easily know how the changes you have made influence your website running. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to create time-based WordPress snapshots with much ease.

Make Use of the Wayback Machine

To put it simply, the Wayback Machine is a time-based and digital archive for the whole Internet. While working by crawling the web, you can view it as a special kind of search engine in some cases. However, being more useful than the common search spiders, this tool allows you to search some special pages or posts based on the date and time.

To make use of it, you simply need to land on its official website. And then, you can enter your domain name and choose your wanted time range. After that, you can exactly know how your website looks like in the previous days.

Wayback Machine

Now, you can make the snapshot easily.

Get Your WordPress Site Indexed By Wayback Machine

Now, there is an issue that the Wayback Machine may fail to index your website and get your site into their archive. In this case, you need to do this manually.

Here, you only need to enter the Wayback Machine official site. From this page, you can find a Save Page Now box. And then, you just need to enter your website URL and click the Save Page button.

Save Page Now Box

Use the Archiver Plugin for the Wayback Machine Snapshots

In addition to the manual way, we also recommend you to use the Archiver plugin. After the plugin installation, you can create the snapshots easily for all of your web contents, update the snapshots automatically whenever you make the update and access all the time-based snapshots from the admin panel of your WordPress site.

There is no need for you to configure this plugin. Instead, you can find a new option from the dashboard navigation bar. In the dropdown list of the Archiver button, you can click the Snapshots button to view all the snapshots you have made based on date. And also, you can click the Trigger Snapshot button to make an instant snapshot with a single click.

Trigger Snapshot Button

In addition, if you want to view the snapshot of the special blog post or webpage, you can enter the editing screen. There is a new Archives meta box available. From this box, you can check the snapshots by date easily.

Archives Meta Box

Now, whenever you update your blog posts, this plugin will generate the snapshot automatically to capture the changes.


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