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How to Make Use of Thank You Emails to Benefit Your WordPress Website

How to Make Use of Thank You Emails to Benefit Your WordPress Website

Thank you emails are not among the most important components of most WordPress sites especially those pure blogs run by individuals. However, if you have built up an online store or want to make any other type of WordPress sites stand out with a small difference, you are suggested to pay some attention to thank you emails due to their substantial benefits.

Benefits of Using Thank You Emails

This kind of emails indicates small personal touches that show your gratitude for your users. The personal touches, then, could bring you substantial benefits that you have never imagined. According to surveys and our experiences, well-tailored thank you emails contribute much to the following things.

  • A boost of the brand image. Thank you emails could deliver a sense of being valued and appreciated. When such emails include your business information and contact details, they make your brand more credible.
  • An increase of the traffic. Undoubtedly, thank you emails can bring some return visits. If the emails are well timed and include interesting content, they will have higher open rates, thus more traffic to your WordPress site will be generated.
  • An increase of user engagement. It is believed and proved that thank you emails can enhance your user engagement.
  • A stimulation of the sales. A special use of thank you emails is that you can disguise discounts and special offers in them to boost your sales.

Benefits of Thank You Emails

Thank you emails are useful from its nature. However, when and how to use them are crucial for maximizing their benefits to your WordPress site. To help you get started, we will explain some of the best timings for sending thank you emails. Most of the timings are applicable to all WordPress sites. Besides, what to include in the emails and how to send them are also introduced.

When People Register for Your WordPress Site

If you run a membership site, a forum or any other site that accepts user registrations, a welcome email is sent automatically upon each registration to remind the user of the username and password. If you are willing to, you can customize the welcome email to be a thank you email and add some custom information to encourage visits and sales.

When visitors register for your site, they should be interested in your content, design or some other things. A custom email that shows your appreciation to their registrations is helpful for getting them back to your site.

What to include

The thank you emails sent upon registration should include the users’ registration information, of course. A link to their profiles is also needed. Besides, we have the following suggestions.

  • Thank the users for their interests and registrations.
  • Include some background information of your business or website, and show your value.
  • Offer your contact information and links to your social media accounts to show that there are real people behind your business, which increases users’ trust and could potentially bring you more sales and visits.
  • Don’t push users too hard to visit your site or make a purchase. Try to make things natural.

How to send thank you emails as welcome emails

You need to find a way to customize the default WordPress welcome emails. In this case, SB Welcome Email Editor is a good plugin to take advantage of. By installing this plugin, you can create custom email messages by using the built-in hooks. But before doing that, we’d suggest you draft the email message carefully to ensure it is good enough.

Create Custom Thank You Emails

With the plugin, you can also customize the admin notification emails and those emails sent when a user forgets his/her password.

When Someone Subscribes to Your Email List

Building a quality email list is essential to all WordPress sites no matter you are longing for sales or traffic. When visitors complete your email signup form, you’d better send them a thank you email as soon as possible to help them know your value and get them more engaged with your WordPress site.

What to include

Firstly, you have to say “Thank You” upon new email subscriptions. Also, it is good to include your background information and contact details in the emails to show you are real and trustable. Besides these pieces of information, you can take the following suggestions into consideration.

  • If your WordPress site sells, introduce your most popular products or services, and include a special promo code or discount link to reward the users’ interests.
  • For blog-like sites that don’t sell, show your most valuable content – tutorials, suggestions, or simply some greeting messages that cater to the users’ interests.

How to send the emails

Email services like MailChimp make it easy to set up autoresponders to new subscribers. You can customize the autoresponders without much difficulty. Besides, you don’t have to pay because MailChimp has a free version that is suitable for most blogs and small business sites. In addition, you can integrate MailChimp with WordPress to manage it from the WordPress dashboard.

Use Thank You Emails When Someone Subscribes to Your Email List

When Someone Leaves a Comment on Your WordPress Blog

If you have tried much to get more comments on your WordPress site, then sending thank you emails to blog commenters is another good solution you should try. With such emails, you can enhance your brand image, remind the users that they have commented on your WordPress site, and encourage them to come back to check replies and the new content on your site. These help increase visits, engagement and conversions.

What to include

The thank you emails sent to commenters don’t need to be long and complicated. Instead, you should keep it simple while including all the necessary information. The following information is suggested.

  • Your contact information, in case users have some questions and need your help.
  • Links to the comments or the original posts.
  • An unsubscribe link.
  • Links to your social media profiles.

How to send thank you emails to blog commenters

This could be done with a plugin named Thank Me Later. After installing it, you need to complete the installation by going to Thank Me Later > Install and choosing whether to track the open rates. Then, click on the “Messages” sub-menu to create a custom thank you message. There is a sample available, so you can customize it for your use, or create a new message based on it.

Thank You Messages

When creating a message, there is a template existing already. You can simply customize the template with the available shortcodes which are listed right after the message editing section. A live preview is also displayed.

Add a New Thank You Message

You can create unlimited messages, and target different tags and categories in each individual message.

Create Thank You Messages for Different Posts

To make sure that emails can be delivered to users successfully, we’d suggest you send emails via SMTP instead of the built-in mail function in WordPress.

When Your WordPress Site Reaches a Milestone

When your WordPress site makes a landmark achievement, for example, reaching a certain number of followers on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can send thank you emails to all users in your email list to thank them for their contributions. The same case is true when your business celebrates a birthday, or your website gains 10,000 subscribers.

What to include

This email should also be simple. You should not over-promote your products and services in such emails, and instead, simply deliver some thank you messages.

  • Thank all your users for their support to your business and website, and tell them how their contributions are important to you.
  • Finish the email with a voucher, a discount for a popular product, or a specially-made eBook.

Such simple emails should offer a pleasant experience to users, which benefits your business in the long run instead of bringing much instant income.

How to send the emails

MailChimp is the solution. It allows you to send the same custom email to all users in your email lists, or deliver different messages based on the segments. This service is powerful enough for your task.

Use Thank You Emails When Your WordPress Site Reaches a Milestone

More Advice for eCommerce Sites

If you are running an eCommerce site, there are more chances for you to send thank you emails to your customers. Below are some of the occasions.

  • When someone has completed a purchase. The confirmation emails for orders come with much potential of business opportunities. In addition to the order information, remember to say “Thank You”. You can also apply some sales strategies in the email, but don’t make yourself look greedy.
  • Several days after an order is received. In this email, thank your customers for making their purchases, and tell your hope for them to enjoy the products. Also, you can include your support information in the email, and cross-sell the related products with special discounts. This email is a big sales opportunity.
  • Right before important events. These events include holidays like Black Friday as well as your customers’ birthday. Attractive and unique discounts need to be included in the thank you emails.


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