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Sucuri Review – Is Sucuri A Good Option to Secure Your Website?

Sucuri Review – Is Sucuri A Good Option to Secure Your Website?

If you have a popular blog, you might have experienced a number of attempts to stop the hackers from invading your account and spoiling everything that has taken you a lot of time to build. However, your power, knowledge and sometimes your skills may not be enough to achieve this goal comprehensively.

In this case, you need someone you can rely on for security of your site or an application that works just right. Sucuri is one plugin that comes handy in this regard. Read the Sucuri review below and know why you need it.

What is Sucuri?

Sucuri is a security WordPress plugin. It is a common way used by many WordPress site owners to fix common issues related to security, such as restricting access to your WP_content, hiding the WordPress version and restricting WP_includes among others.

If your blog has already been hacked, this plugin comes handy in locating modified files, updating wp-config files, removing outdated add-ons from your blog and many more.

The process of using it is simply. Install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Activate the plugin and check all settings from the Sucuri Scanner found under Sucuri Free.

Sucuri Scanner

Highlights and Features of Sucuri

Integrity Monitoring

Sucuri transcends the free scanner that frequently checks the site after three hours for malware, and even presents blacklist alarming. This practice ensures that your site is free from malicious JavaScripts, malwares, malicious iFrames, spammy links and suspicious redirections.

With Integrity Monitor, your site will not be blacklisted by popular sites or search engines like Google, AVG, Norton, Opera and Phishtank among others. This keeps your site popular, and your visitors will not receive warnings like “Something is Wrong Here”.

Scanning of the Server Side

Scanning Server Side

The free website scanner cannot detect smart hackers who use the backdoor to switch their affiliate links with yours and earn money from your revenue. They can add the banner ads which you do not know about and even infect users with malwares.

The server side scanning that is available for the paid users scans the server to ensure that there are no files harbored on the server that could be a threat to your security. Events like file changes are audited, and you will be notified of them. It only takes one PHP file uploaded and you are done.

Audit Log Plugin for WordPress

The Audit Log WordPress Plugin tracks all the activities that happen in your WordPress site including file changes, post additions and many more. It is a great plugin for both beginners and advanced bloggers.

Hackers may use WordPress file names to conceal their malicious files. The malicious files will thus sit on your wp-includes folder without you realizing its effect. To this end, Sucuri will notify you immediately of the malicious file. The plugin can also check the wp-config.php that is a favorite destination for hackers’ malware.

Audit Log Plugin

Click Hardening

You may have read lots of security related posts on many blogs, but some of the security issues are not talked. With Sucuri, you will can fix most of these issues on your WordPress site.

You can secure your uploading directory which is another place that hackers hide something harmful. The uploading folder is organized by dates, and most people do not often check it making it a good destination for hackers to place their malicious files.

With the hardening service, however, you can protect the uploads directory, wp-includes, wp-content and others. You can also stay void of the readme.html files and many more.

The feature also includes a web firewall to block spammers by blacklisting their IP addresses.



This is one of the features that Sucuri offers the most rewards. You can configure the email, twitter, SMS, RSS, and IM alerts as you wish or find convenient. This gives you the best information effectively about a hacking activity, enabling you to fix it immediately.

Besides the blacklist and malware monitoring, the plugin also looks at WhoIs and DNS changes. If domain names are stolen from webmaster, you will get instant alerts.


Malware Cleanup

Malware cleanup and blacklist removal are two features that make this security tool powerful. Though the service may be expensive, you can imagine how great it would be to have security experts working on your site to clean bad things up.

If your site unfortunately gets hacked, Sucuri will clean it up, and you do not have to deal with Google blacklisting. However, if you get blacklisted, this service will help you remove the blacklist.

Cleanup may be charged as high as $250, but it is safe to get a monthly or yearly plan that goes for about $3 and $190 respectively.


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