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How to Submit WordPress RSS Feed to Directories for Free?

How to Submit WordPress RSS Feed to Directories for Free?

RSS, the abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication, utilizes a series of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated content, such as blog entries, new headlines, audio, video, and more. RSS feed allows publishers to automatically syndicate content and benefits users who want to get latest contents from favorite websites.

Running a WordPress website, submitting RSS feed to some top ranked RSS feed directories and search engines is one of the best ways to boost a site traffic. This tutorial is just written for helping readers submit WordPress RSS feed to directories. In the following, we present a list of best blog directories and come out an easy method for submitting your feed to various highest ranked RSS directories.

Best RSS Feed Directory List

RSS feed listRSS feed directory is a website that hosts RSS feeds and is searchable by RSS keyword, topic, or category. In this condition, many webmasters offer RSS feeds to syndicate their websites for maximizing the site visibility and traffic. In the following, we list out some well-ranked RSS feed directory based on their Google Page Rank, Alexa rank, ease of submission, popularity.

  • http://www.technorati.com/ – It is an advertising platform that connects brands and audiences using technology and real-time market insights to optimize digital advertising interactions across an expanding high-quality publisher network.
  • http://www.rss-verzeichnis.de/anmelden.php – the largest German-language portal on the topic of RSS, helping you find interested, webmasters and decision-makers.
  • http://www.feedcat.net – promote your feed content and measure audiences with feedcat bookmarking, sharing and proxying service.
  • http://www.feedage.com/ – a free and searchable RSS directory that categorizes the large number of RSS data feeds available to make it easier for users to easily find and subscribe favored content.
  • http://www.submitstart.com/ – it allows you to submit an unlimited number of webpages to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing for free.
  • http://www.plazoo.com/ – It is all about reviews, opinions, events, companies, and others.

Submit RSS Feed to Directories

As a matter of fact, submitting RSS feed to directories is very easy. Generally, there are two methods to finish this task, manually submit RSS feed to each directory and disposable submit RSS feed to many sites. In the below part, we introduce two methods in detail.

# Submit RSS Feed to a Single Directory

To independently submit RSS feed to a single directory, you can simply go to the website and add your RSS URL. For example, if you want to submit your feed to www.feedcat.net, you should first go to the site, sign up an account.

Then, you are required to add the feed for boosting. The step is quite simple, you can just enter your feed link and click on Submit button. You will be taken to the next screen like the following screenshot.

add RSS feed

At this screen, you can customize your RSS feed to beautify the appearance and improve user experience. You are flexible to choose the button style, customize feed widget, select category & language. At last, simply click the Continue button to save feed and get the button.

configure rss feed

Then, you can get the button code and button options. Just insert the followed code into your site and it can be searchable by RSS keywords, content, and more.

get code

# Submit RSS Feed to Multiple Directories

The above method is truly easy, but it still can be a tedious task if you want to submit your feed to a large number of directories. In this condition, you can use a plugin like RSS Submit5 to disposable submit your WordPress RSS feed to multiple sites.

RSS Submit5 not only can submit to some really well known directories, but it can also submit to directories that need captcha solving. In addition, it also records your submission process and offer proof, through screenshots, of the directory submission.

RSS Submit5


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