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How to Submit Your WordPress Blog to Apple News to Reach A Large Audience

How to Submit Your WordPress Blog to Apple News to Reach A Large Audience

As a WordPress blogger or publisher, not only is it important to compose attractive posts, but also it is equally important to promote your content and get them in front of the eyes of more readers.

One of the powerful tools that can help you gain a lot of readers for your blog is the newly released app called Apple News. The app works by finding relevant topics and articles based on what readers are currently reading and suggesting relevant content to them.

By submitting your site to Apple News publisher, you will be able to get your blog content reaching to millions of audience. In this article, we will teach you how to submit WordPress blog to Apple News.

To do so, you need an iCloud account and configure some necessary settings. Now, please follow the detailed steps below.

1. Register for Apple News Publisher

Firstly, access the portal of Apple News publisher, and then click “Continue”.

Access Apple News Publisher Portal

To associate with Apple News, you need to sign in iCloud with your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have one, click the creation link to create an account.

Sign in iCloud

After logging in, you are required to check and accept the End User License Agreement. Then, you need to enter your detailed publisher information like your blog name, contact email, address line and so on. Once done, click the “Next” button.

Enter Publisher Information

2. Set Up Your Channel

Next, you can set up your channel, which explains how you choose a publishing method. Remember to enter the channel information related to your WordPress blog or website. You should make sure the channel name you fill in matches your blog name, so that your readers can understand the focus of your channel.

As for the Primary Audience and Territories, you need to set these information based on your company focus and blog content. And you should select English as language, because only English blogs will be added.

After finishing, click “Submit”.

Set Up Channel

3. Submit Your RSS Feed

The following step is to submit your RSS feed to Apple News publisher. This enables you to provide the main content for your channel that you have created just now. Note that you are allowed to add additional channels.

Add RSS Feeds

In your channel, you’ll be able to set up sections which are much like categories in WordPress that can group your content. Each section can come with multiple feeds and each RSS feed includes a title, link and description. To get these links, you can just visit your WordPress category pages to get correct feed links and copy them in your section in Apple News.

For detailed RSS requirements, you can go to the Apple Creating RSS Content page.

4. Upload Your Logo

For higher brand visibility, you’re strongly recommended to add your brand logo to Apple News publisher with some requirements. To be specific, the image you use as logo should be in full-color transparent PNG format, and the required size is 256px in height and 2048px in width.

5. Wait for Verifying Email

After everything has been done, you just need to wait as the Apple News publisher team will review your submission and send you an email notification if your blog submission is accepted by the Apple News Publisher program.


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